Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New York Times on the 1902 Gale Port Elizabeth

Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth


Bluewater Bay Port Elizabeth

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Happy Valley Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

The pleasant memories of Happy Valley run deep. Once a marshland, development and industrialisation forced the waters to retreat and dry up. The area was then later developed into a park known as Happy Valley. As long as I can remember, every Christmas the park was decorated with lights strung beneath the undergrowth and in the branches of trees to light up statues, pathways and displays, giving it a wonderful, mystical feeling - a child's dream world.

But Happy Valley has since seen bad times in the last decade or so. Positioned close to the "Board Walk" casino, criminals have targeted unsuspecting holiday makers who frequent Happy Valley. Port Elizabethans have now infamously named the park Crappy Valley, with one story carried by the Eastern Province Herald of an unfortunate woman being stabbed in the face for her handbag. Because of the high incidence of crime, we do not go there anymore, but the fond memories of the better times at Happy Valley linger.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blacks Murder White Child in Public Park Port Elizabeth

Picture Source downloaded from website www.dienuwesuideafrika.wordpress.com
Parents with picture of Danielle.

Blacks SHOT Danielle Esterhuizen (5) execution style through the head in a public park. These kinds of attacks against the Christian Minority Community are very, very common. If you intend coming to South Africa for a short visit or on holiday, and bringing your children with you, take extreme care.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

St Mary's Church Great Fire of 1895 Port Elizabeth

Book of the Week

Art Rennaissance Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Adolphe - William Bouguereau 1825 - 1905
Not too much to Carry

Art Rennaissance Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Adolphe - William Bouguereau 1825 -1905
The Difficult Lesson

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sharda The Lion Port Elizabeth

Source EP Herald
Eugene Coetzee
18 September 2008
Port Elizabeth

South East Gale 1888 Wrecks the Boschetto Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Sea Fury Jeffrey's Bay Port Elizabeth

Newspaper cutting of damage by storm which nearly wreaks this house in J Bay!
September 2008

High Waves of Algoa Bay over Sidon Street Wall Port Elizabeth

Source EP Herald
Ivor Markman
Location Sidon Street North End
Port Elizabeth
September 2008

Dolosse Brace For Algoa Bay's Fury Port Elizabeth

Picture EP Herald
William Veitch
Location N2 Settlers Way High way
Port Elizabeth
September 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

British Tourist Gang Raped Port Elizabeth

Blacks GANG RAPE British tourist Julie Stevens in a racist attack South Africa – (Find the full story in The Star Newspaper. Picture from the same article).

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Sinking of the Oceanos Eastern Cape

You Tube
Cruise Ship Sinking

The "Oceanos" was a Greek cruise liner with hundreds of South African and Foreign holiday makers aboard making her way in a northerly direction off the Transkie coast. On 04 August 1991 while she fought high seas along South Africa's eastern seaboard she took in water through an open apature in her hull listing badly. The Captain and crew fearing the worst abandoned the ship leaving the passengers to their own fate. However the South African Air force, flying air force Pumas, rescued all the passengers despite high winds and the prevailing treacherous conditions.

A newspaper clipping showing the final moments of the "Oceanos" Downloaded from the website www.oceanossinking.blogspot.com

Saved from certain death these survivors aboard a SAAF Puma sigh relief. Downloaded from the website www.oceanossinking.blogspot.com

The SAAF crew which took part in the rescue operation. Downloaded from the website www.oceanossinking.blogspot.com

The captain is always the last to abandon ship, or go down with her, not in the case of the "Oceanos" though. In this case the "captain" and crew were the first to abandon the Oceanos! However bits of history keep being washed to shore, and one such case is a fiberglass life boat which the sea spewed forth in one of its more violent moments, at Skoenmakerskop. This is a few KM's north to where the Sacramento went down.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mother's Day Port Elizabeth

In all the world around us, there simply is no other
whose life portrays both sweetness and strength quite like a mother,
Let this little gift remind us of each mother's role -
the fragrance of her beauty and the richness of her soul.

For every precious woman, we earnestly would pray
that all GOD's loving blessings enrich her life today;
May HIS gentle arms enfold her so her anxious fears are stilled
and, cherished by the FATHER, her hopes and dreams fulfilled.

Reproduced by kind permission
Poetry Book Three

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Psalm 23 Port Elizabeth

Blacks Murder British Husband and Gang Rape Wife Port Elizabeth

Mr. Burnett Duncan (72) VICIOUSLY BEATEN and his wife Greta Duncan (66) GANG RAPED by black criminals in their home. Both were originally from England. (Read the entire Story by Alex Eliseev in THE STAR Newspaper, 23 November 2005, Picture by Thobeka Zazi Ndabula. Other picture in the article by Neo Ntsoma,)

Patriot Bear Port Elizabeth

Bertram the mascot
Teddy Bear Museum

Picture Source
This England
Page 63

Airport Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Quote: "One of the first flights into Port Elizabeth took place in 1917 when Major Allister Miller, the `prophet' of civil aviation in this country, who later went on to establish Union Airways, made his inaugural flight between Cape Town and the Eastern Cape city.

However, Port Elizabeth's airport - just 10 minutes from everywhere in PE, as locals like to remind visitors - dates from the commencement of Union Airways in 1929 and the first regular mail and passenger service between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Officially the city's airport was commissioned in 1936 with a single runway, a hangar and a concrete apron.

During World War 2 the airfield was extended to accommodate the 42nd Air School Royal Air Force and 6 Squadron South African Air Force on the southern and eastern perimeters of the field, while commercial operations continued from the northern side. After the war the SAAF continued to operate an Air Force Base on this location and in 1954 Port Elizabeth experienced its first jet aircraft arrival when five De Havilland Vampire FB9s landed.

Just prior to this, in 1950, construction of the terminal buildings, runways and air traffic control tower began, with the commercial operation moving temporarily to an airfield at St Albans, about 25 km from the city centre. Once completed in 1955, the Port Elizabeth terminal was official reopened and in 1973 the apron extended to accommodate larger aircraft with a new departures terminal being built and commissioned in 1980......"

Picture Source and Quote
Sponsored Supplement
Friday 10 September 2008
The Star

42 Flight School
Port Elizabeth

Picture Source
Book Title
Port Elizabeth
page 222
Margaret Harraldine

Fighter pilots of the Royal Air Force at Hawkinge in Kent England

Picture Source
This England
Page 36

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thought for the Day Port Elizabeth

When GOD answers your prayers HE will not speak to you in a riddle,
this is the work of the devil, HE will speak to you plainly.

GOD will answer you in a soft gentle voice as in a light breeze,
or He will answer you in a violent tornado, even a powerful gushing river, a consuming fire.

With every answer it will be a gift free of sorrow, He will give you bread instead of a serpent!

In the end it will be your duty to be patient waiting for HIS voice:

"not now"

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Port Elizabeth Refreshment Port to England's Sailing Ships

Picture Source Wikipedia

Algoa Bay and the Port Elizabeth site 1778

Book of the Week

Corruption Scam Port Elizabeth

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Port Elizabeth The Windy City

Port Elizabeth is known as the "Friendly City" and the "Windy City" with an exquisite English character and is for me a place of rest. The town impressed me when i first stayed there in the late 1970's. I remember the city center in Main street which was spotlessly clean in those days and buzzed with life right through to North End. Now big buildings stand empty displaying myriads of "To Let" signs. And then there is the Campanile monument commemorating the arrival of the 1820 settlers who's clock, including that of the old City Hall, has stopped working and lays in disrepair for lack of funds. The Campanile's 23 bells have stopped chiming long ago. On the western edge of the Donkin are the original 1820 Settler homes which were decreed a national monument, but most stand derelict with the bronze heritage badge stolen, perhaps for scrap metal, just like the memorial brass plaque which once was to be found on the library wall in Main Street commemorating the city's founding fathers and the place the library had in society.

In the seventies there was the martial arts center just off Main Street near the fly over but it is now gone, the sand stone churches, the ancient settler graveyards, the old English pub behind the theater, the beaches with the beautiful bikini girls, the October fest, the motor shows, the Baakens Valley Fort (Fort Frederick), the docklands, Skoenmakerskop, GM, restaurants and the friendly people, all gave the city its unique character.

This was the place my forefathers came to aboard the "Tudor" in 1860 and the springboard from where they later resettled in other parts of the country. It is the place from where my lovely wife hailed, for which I am eternally thankful to JESUS, and the place to enjoy my father's house and our wonderful family.

Peace comes to mind.

Port Elizabeth has a life and pace of its own, something you would first struggle with if you lived there, especially if you came from any of the big cities in South Africa. Perhaps one day we will live there.

Christmas 2006 was a special family time in PE and it was lovely just having the presence of my son to share the holiday with, not forgetting my wife. Jeffery's Bay is about 45 minutes drive from PE and we spent probably the best four days ever just lazing around, swimming, eating, shopping for little ornaments to adorn our home, and buying the much desired "Billabong" brand name clothing for Matts.

Family is the most special invention.

My in-laws are perhaps my greatest gift and when I married my wife I did not realise so many wonderful blessings were to follow. South Africa is a country which has many orphans and many of these kids will never have parents of their own and those who do should be extremely thankful to their Creator. The Bible says that he who finds a wife finds a good thing and has found favour in the eyes of the Lord but this must apply equally to finding parents who are full of the presence of JESUS.

Aston Bay, Marina Martenique, Paradise Beach and the stunningly beautiful St. Francis Bay were the other places we visited after having a lovely breakfast at the Chameleon Restaurant in Humansdorp. St. Francis has the most beautiful canal system in the world even surpassing those of Britain and fortunately there are still many first world jewels dotted around PE and its nearby environs.

Picture Source
Photo G-Man
Oxford canal at Hillmorton at the edge of Rugby Warwickshire

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Russell Road Port Elizabeth

Russell Road

Russell road branches off Main Street, from Port Elizabeth's traditional trading hub and now the city centre, and winds past what used to be the fine "Russell Road Technical College", Rink street and the "Horse Memorial" to join up with Cape Road. In Cape Road you will find lovely houses with traditional Victorian architecture reminding one of Port Elizabeth's wonderful British heritage. On the border of North End along the right embankment when driving east to west near Russel Road's zenith, are the old cemeteries dating back to approximately 1860.

Russel Road Port Elizabeth 1863
A Panorama of Port Elizabeth
page 114