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FAITH Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Charles Burton Painting 1865


Though dark and lonely is the path and I can't clearly see,
Though storms may rage in fury, and uncertain life may be;
Though all around seems hopeless and the future cold and bleak,
Though overwhelmed by fear and doubt, it's God's face I will seek.

It's trusting in a faithful God Who'll never let me go,
It's looking to a future that only God can know,
It's claiming every promise so that on God's Word I stand
It's knowing that I'm safely held within God's mighty hand.

Reproduced by permission

Cape Recife High School Port Elizabeth

Cape Recife Lighthouse 01 April 1851 Port Elizabeth

Lighthouses of South Africa
Cape Recife Lighthouse
page 27

Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Ships Lost in Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth and Environs

Quote: "African (1) 1873 Key, Kinghorn 2019 tons was employed as a mail steamer between England and the Cape until 1881 when she was transferred to the South African coasting service. Four years later she was purchased by F. Stumore and Company of London, who retained the original name of the vessel. On February 15th 1887 when bound with a cargo of coals from Cardiff to Jeddah, she ran ashore in the Red Sea at Abu Madaff, 40 miles from Suakim, and became a total wreck."

African,plied South Africa's sea ports and coastal areas.
Abbotsford, Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth lost 12 October 1884
Abeona, lost north of the equator carrying 1820 Settlers 25 November 1820
Active, Plettenberg Bay ran aground on 17 June 1722
Amsterdam, Algoa Bay ran aground Zwartkop (Amsterdamhoek) 16 December 1812
Amwell, Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth wrecked 15 August 1852
Asiatic, Algoa Bay wrecked 09 June 1850
Ann, Algoa Bay wrecked April 1796
Alert, Algoa Bay wrecked 04 September 1840
Amelia Mulholland, Algoa Bay wrecked 16 February 1800’s
Albinia, Algoa Bay wrecked 13 September 1851
Archimedes, from Port Elizabeth to Natal

Blankalter, Algoa Bay 25 March 1846
Bosphorus, Cape St. Frances struck reef broke in pieces
British Duke, Cape St Francis wrecked 1888

Charles, Algoa Bay schooner struck rock Bird Island 15 November 1845
Charlotte, Algoa Bay carrying the 27th Regiment driven ashore near Jetty Street Port Elizabeth 19 September 1854
Cromartyshire, Cape St Francis wrecked 1901
Cape Recife, Cape St Francis wrecked 1929
California, January 20 - Arrival of California from Algoa Bay, bound for Port Natal
The Chapman, transport ship.This ship arrived in Algoa Bay on the 10th/14th April 1820.

The arrival of the Settler ship the Chapman


Dane, Algoa Bay wrecked 17 May 1865
Doddington, Algoa Bay wrecked 17 July 1755 at Bird Island. Some survivors built small sloop from salvaged material and named her Happy Deliverance which took them to Delagoa Bay
Delhi, Algoa Bay wrecked 25 August 1844
Diadem, Plettenberg Bay 04 wrecked December 1851
Doris, Algoa Bay wrecked 17 October 1850
Dorothea, Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth wrecked during the great gale 30 August 1888
Drie Emmas, Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth wrecked during the great gale 30 August 1888
Douglas, November 16 1846 - Arrival of Douglas from Algoa Bay, bound for Port Natal
Dreadnaught, Port Elizabeth

Passenger list of the Dreadnaught

Easter Province, on way from Port Elizabeth wrecked 26 June 1865
Elizabeth Rowell, Algoa Bay wrecked in S.E. gale 25 August 1844
Eliza, Algoa Bay wrecked 1796

Francis Bain, Algoa Bay lost 25 March 1849
Flora, March 11 1847 - Arrival of Flora from Algoa Bay, bound for Port Natal

Gambia, Algoa Bay ran ashore near Jetty Street Port Elizabeth 1871
Grovenor, Algoa Bay wrecked 04 August 1782
George Henry Harrison, Plett wrecked 14 September 1851
Goncalo, Plettenberg Bay wrecked June 1630
Gilbert Henderson, Algoa Bay wrecked 16 March 1800’s
Gem, Feb 8th - Gem, schooner, 102 tons, W Glendining, from Table Bay, 12th January, from Algoa Bay, 29th January. About 90 tons general cargo.

The Gem passenger list

Hercules, Algoa Bay American Ship lost 16 June 1796
Hope, Cape St Francis wrecked 11 March 1840
Horwood, Algoa Bay wrecked 27 March 1845

Inchcape Rock, Algoa Bay wrecked in gale 31 August 1902
Isabel, Algoa Bay wrecked 21 August 1844
Israel, Table Bay wrecked 09 April 1850
Iris, Algoa Bay wrecked in gale 31 August 1902

Jack Tar, Algoa Bay wrecked 12 January 1840
Jessie, bound for Port Elizabeth wrecked October 1829
Jim Crow, Algoa Bay wrecked 25 March 1846
Johanna, Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth gale wrecks ship 05 April 1848
John, Algoa Bay. Destined for Port Elizabeth foundered 16 September 1803. Missionary Irwin drowned and printing press lost
John Witt, Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth S.E. gale wrecks ship 17 October 1850
Jarawar, Algoa Bay wrecked prior to 1902

Lady Leith, Algoa Bay wrecked between Cape Recife and Rocky Point 27 February 1848
Lady Kenneway, East London wrecked 23 November 1857. Transporting 153 respectable Irish woman and a few Englishmen with their wives and families
Laura, Algoa Bay wrecked 25 August 1844
Legonier, Algoa Bay wrecked in S.E. gale 02 March 1842
L’agile, Cape St Francis wrecked 16 June 1850
Lyngenfjord, Cape St Francis wrecked 1938
La Eagle, Cape St Francis wrecked 1840
Lady of the Lake, up to the 5th of February. The vessel sailed on the 10th, and will only call at Algoa Bay to land a few passengers for that place.

Passenger list for The Lady of the Lake

Margareth, Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth wrecked 29 October 1846
Maria, Plettenberg Bay wrecked August 1788.
Martha, Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth wrecked 26 May 1825
Mary, Algoa Bay wrecked 04 March 1844
Mary Ann, Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth wrecked 17 October 1850
Mocha, Algoa Bay burnt out between St Croix Island and Bird Island 10 April 1853
Mona, Algoa Bay wrecked near Port Elizabeth 28 October 1846
Milford, Jeffrey’s Bay wrecked 1875
Matilda, Cape Recife wrecked 12 April 1838
Mazeppa, January 4 1846 - Arrival of Mazeppa from Port Elizabeth, bound for Port Natal
Minerva, shipwrecked

The Minerva Shipwreck

Napoleon, the French ship chased by the British frigate Narcissus beached near Hout Bay
25 December 1805
Nerbudda, Algoa Bay lost in gale 10 June 1855
Noord, Cape St Francis wrecked at Klippen Point 25km’s from CSF 16 January 1690
Norfolk, Algoa Bay driven ashore on Seal Island 23 September 1850
Nossa Senhora de Belem, ran aground Umzimvubu river July 1686. Survivors built two boats from wreck and sailed for Angola, one of these boats was lost in Algoa Bay
Nederlandsche Vlag, Cape St Francis wrecked 1869
Niagra, Cape St Francis wrecked 1870
Nimrod, June 10 1847 - Arrival of Nimrod from Simon's Bay, bound for Port Natal, and from Algoa Bay, bound for Mauritius

Oakworth, Algoa Bay wrecked in gale 31 August 1902

Paris Maru, Algoa Bay sank 1934
Palestine, Port Elizabeth wrecked 28 October 1846
Porpoise, Algoa Bay date unknown
Prince Albert, Plettenberg Bay went ashore 24 August 1844
Phoenix, Steamer, Capt Harrington, to Algoa Bay;

Queen of the West, Cape St Francis driven on rocks 26 May 1872

Resolution, Port Elizabeth wrecked 29 October 1846

Sabina, Cape Recife wrecked 4am 07 August 1842
Sarah Black, Algoa Bay beached at North End Beach Port Elizabeth September 1869
Sea Snake, Algoa Bay one of 15 boats driven ashore during gale 18 September 1869
Seagull, Algoa Bay wrecked 25 August 1844
Sophia, Port Elizabeth wrecked during S.E. gale 29 October 1946
Spy, St Francis Bay wrecked in S.E. gale 21 August 1851
Susan, Algoa Bay wrecked in S.E. gale 25 March 1846
Swiftsure, Plettenberg Bay wrecked 08 August 1847
St Helena, Plettenberg Bay wrecked 14 September 1851
Suffolk, Cape St Francis wrecked 1900
Sarah Bell, April 5 1847 - Arrival of Sarah Bell from ? Algoa Bay, bound for Port Natal

Teuton, sank on her way to Port Elizabeth 30 August 1881
Thunderbolt, Port Elizabeth beached 03 February 1847
Trekboer, Algoa Bay wrecked 21 August 1844
Titanic, Lost at sea 1912
Tar, Algoa Bay

Passenger list for the Tar

Vibilia, September 13 1847 - Arrival of Vibilia from Algoa Bay, bound for Port Natal

Waterloo, Algoa Bay driven ashore by violent gale near Cawoods Bay 05 April 1848
West Indian, Algoa Bay wrecked 04 December 1851
Western Knight, Schoenmakerskop Port Elizabeth American ship wrecked in 1929
William Foster, Cape Recife Port Elizabeth wrecked 17 July 1851
William Pitt, the Indiaman Cape Recife wrecked 13 December 1813
Wolsley, Port Elizabeth driven ashore in the great gale 30 August 1888

Zeepard, Cape Recife Dutch man-o-war wrecked +-1823

Research Source
On and off the coasts of Southern Africa

Compiled by
R.F.Kennedy – City Librarian - Johannesburg

Newspaper Cutting 1879 Port Elizabeth

Settler Arrivals 1820 Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Thomas Baine Painting of the arrival of the 1820 settlers

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Port Elizabeth First Day Cover

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 426/2009

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Treacherous Eastern Coast Port Elizabeth

There are thousands of shipwrecks off the South African Coast, including treasures these vessels carried when they floundered, lying on the ocean floor. Some of these old sailing ships when found, have been an archaeological feast, as in the case of the Sacramento, but the Grovenor is one of those famous wrecks, well known because of its bullion cargo. Its remains along the Pondoland coast have also been located, but her wealth in the form of gold and diamonds, which she purportedly carried, still eludes even the most knowledgeable treasure hunters.

Quote: "The Grosvenor is considered to be the richest British East Indiaman ship ever lost. It wrecked on a reef August 4th, 1782, broke apart and sank on a deserted coast known as Pondoland, north of Port St. John, about 700 miles northeast of Cape Town, South Africa.

The loss included 2,600,000 gold Pagoda coins (weight unknown), 1,400 gold ingots (weight unknown), nineteen chests of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires and an extremely valuable jewel encrusted gold peacock throne from India.
Many have tried to find the treasure, and the ship is claimed to have been found, on a very inhospitable part of the coast. But the treasure is still to be located".

Picture and quote downloaded from the website

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Blacks Force Elderly Couple into Boiling Water South Africa

BLACK CRIMINAL THUGS CUT OFF THE SOLES OF THEIR FEET and then FORCED Mr. Koos van Wyk (82) and Martha (56) TO CLIMB INTO A BATH OF BOILING WATER AFTER ! This society is sick. Headlines read, Translated Quote: “Robbers Burn Elderly with Boiling Water In Bath

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Blacks Shoot White Child Dead in Public Park South Africa

Blacks MURDER Danielle (5) in a public park. Danielle loved JESUS.

All Tourists watch your children if you visit South Africa and WATCH YOUR BACK!

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Blacks Victimise Whites South Africa

Image: First Zim, next South Africa. Graffiti on a wall in Mafeking, North Western province of South Africa, circa 2008

Market Square 1865 Port Elizabeth

A Panorama of Port Elizabeth
Pen and Wash E.K.Lorimer
Page 103

The City Hall - Left
The Obelisk - Foreground left
St Mary's Church - right

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What Has GOD Ever Done For Me? Port Elizabeth

Thousands of these tracts were handed out on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles by a Christian more interested in Kingdom Work than the Halloween revelers thronging the street in LA, and I was thankful to get one.

Russel Road Technical College Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 370/2009

Pearson High School Established 1926 Port Elizabeth

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The Chelsea Tea Garden Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 962/2009

The Festive Season Fair Kings Beach Port Elizabeth

To use these images quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 010/346/2009

Seaview Game and Lion Park Port Elizabeth

Articles for New Immigrants Cape Colony

New York Times on the 1902 Gale Port Elizabeth

Black Cops Beat White Woman to Pulp Port Elizabeth

Mrs Laurika Louise Vermeulen (23) has won a court case against the South African Police Services after they trumped up a charge against her, arrested her, and then beat her to a pulp in the City of Port Elizabeth. Already the police and its minister have been sued to the tune of 5.5 Billion rand for crimes committed against civilians by this outfit in a variety of cases which include Murder, Rape, Theft, False Arrest, Corruption and Violence.

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