Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Miranda Lambert - "Heart Like Mine" (Academy Of Country Music Awards 2011)



You have so much to teach me, Lord, and much I need to learn,

Please give me strength to do Your will, as I Your voice discern,

My mind is full of selfish thoughts that crowd Your Presence out,

Help me to rid myself of all that causes fear and doubt.

I need to learn to praise You, Lord – I do not praise enough,

I praise You when I’m happy, but seldom when life’s rough;

Help me to know You love me, no matter what takes place,

And give me faith and courage to run a steadfast race.

I need to learn to serve You, You’ve done so much for me,

And others need to know You, so they too can be free;

Fill me with zeal and fervour to be of use to You

Lead me to where You want me, show me what I can do.

I need to learn to love You, because You first loved me,

To love You just for dying, in pain, at Calvary;

It’s always very easy to live when there’s reward,

But teach me how to love You, with love like Yours, dear Lord.

I don’t deserve Your love and grace – I’m filled with so much shame,

Yet You reached down and touched me, and called me by my name,

Through tenderness and mercy, You gave me all I own,

And You have promised faithfully that I am not alone.

Thank You for all the things You’ve done, for what You will yet do,

And though there may be many trials I still must struggle through,

If I keep looking up at You, and on Your Spirit lean,

Live in Your Word, and hold Your hand, I will know joy serene.

Looking at the Saviour

Leaning on the Spirit

Living in the Scriptures

Reproduced by kind Permission
Copyright SJA

Home Decor for Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Bird Island Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

book on mandela

Swedish Tourists RAPED South Africa


Tourist rape terror – two arrested
13 January 2012

Taralyn McLean and Msindisi Fengu

TWO men have been arrested in connection with a horror attack on two Swedish tourists near Eastern Beach in East London.

Police spokesman Captain Ernest Sigobe said the suspects – both in their 20s – had been arrested by the Family Violence and Sexual Offences Unit in the city’s CBD at about 2pm yesterday.

“They will both face charges of RAPE and ROBBERY and will appear in the East London Magistrate’s Court soon,” he said. The women were allegedly pulled into the bushes between Bats Cave and the Eastern Beach Lifesavers’ shack by knife- wielding men on Tuesday afternoon. They were then both allegedly raped and robbed.

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Martina McBride - We've Got Tonight at David Foster and Friends

Monday, August 13, 2012

Our City Hall Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Queen Street Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Building our gazebo Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

The sections finally welded together. It took a long time to eventually erect and weld these sections so the entire frame quickly rusted which added to the expense of treating the metal.

Building our gazebo Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

The welded panels I made up on the front porch now welded to form the hex. It was quite difficult as I had to tack weld all of these together by myself which added to the difficulty.

Building our gazebo Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Floor stones and a small table and chair will be added for for tea times in the summer.

Building our gazebo Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Painting the sheet metal undercoating of our gazebo roof. Still the ridge caps to go on before the final green is applied to the roof. Also to be added later are roof edge trim, twinkling lights, and a hanging lamp inside before the roses and flower creepers for the garden on the outside. The whole structure is made of  steel so ultra - violet light won't attack the plastics.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Picture source : pixtalpeep.blogspot.com

Catherine's Family Kitchen

Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

The Houses of Parliament in 3D

Eager to open up my puzzle!

The Houses of Parliament in 3D

I started back to front with Big Ben's pinnacle roof structure first, oh yes, with a great cup of tea!

The Houses of Parliament in 3D

The early stages of putting the puzzel together. A little on the pricey side but what fun!

The Houses of Parliament in 3D

This 3D puzzel took me two days to build after coming home from work. The hardest part to build is BIG Ben, soon to be renamed the Queen Elizabeth Tower after HM Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. The puzzle is awesome and is really theraputic to put together.

Proverbs 3:6