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The Campanile Bells Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Our British Heritage

Goodbye Anastasis


Our City Hall Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

       Our British History
       Picture 2012 City Hall on Main Street

On arrival in 1820 British Settlers were greeted by virgin grassland devoid of absolutely any kind of development at all. No shops, businesses, roads, reservoirs for fresh water, hospitals, schools or bridges. NOTHING! Everything was built from scratch and mirrored from our homeland in England. The money for all this effort came from banks back home because there were no banks in Africa, and millions of British Pounds were poured into Port Elizabeth to make it what it is today. Of course African politicians shoot their mouths off (clanging cymbals) about "colonialists" but between them they actually all think it was a great idea judging by those high end cars parked outside our city hall. Now you know why you're slaving away to pay your rates and taxes!

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The Campanile Chime Mechanism Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Our British Heritage
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The Campanile Chime Mechanism Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Our British Heritage
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The Campanile Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Our British Heritage

British BSA London

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Father Christmas Pic

Father Christmas Pic

Father Christmas Pic

Father Christmas Pic

Nativity pic

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Michael W. Smith - This Is Your Time

For Everyone who believes in the preservation of Life and Love

Port Elizabeth Christians are PRO LIFE

Powerful Pro-Life Film Features Story of Abortion Survivor

by Gloria Leyda and Steven Ertelt
Washington, DC
12/9/11 1:15 PM

A powerful new pro-life film is capturing the attention of Americans because it features the story of Melissa Ohden, a woman who survived a failed saline abortion attempt on her life and who is now a nationally-recognized speaker.

Over 1.2 million children lose their lives to abortion every year in the United States alone. Over 53 million children have lost their lives to abortion in the United States since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. Many know the sad reality of these statistics, but most don’t know the amazing reality that sometimes children survive failed abortions and exist in our world today. Melissa Ohden, a 34-year-old international pro-life speaker and advocate, wife and mother, is one such survivor.

Melissa’s powerful story of surviving a failed saline infusion abortion in 1977, of overcoming the concerns regarding her ability to survive past infancy and go on to lead a “normal” life, of being adopted into a loving family that supported her in her search for her biological family and in her struggle to face the reality of her life as an abortion survivor to ultimately become a voice for the unborn, is featured in the newly released pro-life documentary, A Voice for Life.

Featuring pro-life leaders and advocates including Father Frank Pavone, Alveda King, Dr. John Willke, Kevin and Theresa Burke, and Michael Clancy, A Voice for Life has premiered at events for Heartbeat International and National Right to Life to great acclaim. The Dove Foundation review for the documentary echoes the sentiments of individuals and organizations that have been moved by the film and see its’ value in promoting the sanctity of life: “We highly recommend this inspirational and remarkable DVD and gladly award it our Dove ‘Family-Approved’ Seal in addition to five Doves, our highest level.”

A Voice for Life continues to garner awards on an international level, including the Transforming Stories International Film Festival in South Africa, and the Redemptive Film Festival in Virginia Beach, where it received the highest honor. More importantly, to the creative team of A Voice for Life, Steve Feazel, Gunther Meisse, and Melissa Ohden, the pro-life film is making an impact in the world, touching hearts changing minds, and bringing hope and healing to individuals who have been devastated by abortion.

The soul-baring testimonies of numerous women and a man who have experienced an abortion in their lives, the inspirational testimony of a young woman who stood strong in her beliefs about the sanctity of life in the face of a teenage pregnancy, the heart-warming testimonies of a birthmother and adoptive mother regarding their open adoption, and the testimonies of pregnancy center staff and pro-life advocates woven throughout Melissa’s miraculous story, provide an in-depth perspective to abortion that is both informing and convicting people around the world.

As one such reviewer, Edwin L. Carpenter, stated, “Women share their emotions from post-abortions and reflect guilt but the value of a life lesson learned. The viewer of this DVD will marvel at God’s grace as Melissa Ohden reflects forgiveness and her belief that God spared her for a purpose.”

In addition to the 58 minute documentary, a short, 9 minute film, featuring Melissa as narrator, has also been released for pregnancy centers and other organizations that minister to abortion vulnerable women to utilize as a resource in their life-saving, life-transforming work. Melissa’s powerful message to women in this video as both a survivor and a mother, herself, is beyond description.

To view the trailer of the short resource video, visit

British Prime Minister The Honourable David Cameron and his wife Samantha

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron (L) and his wife Samantha react on stage after he delivered his keynote speech (Reuters)

Read more:

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Michael W. Smith - There She Stands

HM Queen Elizabeth ii Diamond Jubilee 2012

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The HP London - Our Home in the British Isles

David Roberts (British, 1796–1864). The Houses of Parliament from Millbank, 1861. Oil on canvas. Museum of London. The acquisition of this painting was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

Brooklyn Museum image

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The things I miss most about church

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Worship in Music

The fellowship of believers

The JESUS talk because it shows FAITH

The testimonies of believers

The testimony of overcomers

A chat with brothers and sisters in CHRIST around the coffee pot


The laying of hands

The move of the SPIRIT

GOD coming in whispers

GOD showing HIMSELF in the storm

The testimony of the Mighty men and women of GOD

The kids running around after the service and Sunday school

The banners

The worship dance

Hands raised in prayer

The needy before GOD on bended knee

The smiles of the caring

Bible study

Listening to GOD

Hearing GOD

Obeying GOD

Knowing the LOVE of GOD

The working of the gifts of the SPIRIT

Encouraging words

Being overcome by the knowledge of personal Sin

Being desperate for more of GOD

The Conviction of the WORD

The word from our pastor

Laying under the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT

Desperate for GOD to use you

The prayer chains

Serving GOD

The truth whispered in your ear by a brother

Visible works of GOD’s Power

Changed lives

These are the things I miss the most yet I have a vision of a river, desert in this place but beyond the river an oasis. This is what my GOD can still do for me


“Freedom remains

These are the days

Nothing can break…………………”

Martina McBride - How Far

Kragga Kamma Game Reserve Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Rule Britannia Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

So much better!

Storm's River Bridge Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Jeffery's Bay Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Eastern Cape Aloe

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Grahamstown Regiment Eastern Cape

Our British Heritage Eastern Cape

High Street Graham's Town 28 December 1848. Grahamstown Regiment - Troops marching to church. (Picture Source: Thomas Baines)

The Church behind the 1820 Settlers Homes Donkin Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

    Picture 2012

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Redefined Love the Dynamite Dream - BOTM UW

JESUS or Barabbas Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth


The Ponevez Society the Untold Story

My View – International Holocaust Day 27 January 2012

The Ponevez Society in Johannesburg came into being after the end of World War Two. The Society was made up of men and women who survived the Jewish Ghetto’s and the Nazi death camps of the Holocaust in Europe. Most of them had lost their homes and their wealth during the advent of Kristallnacht, and other demonic hardships engineered by Hitler’s henchmen, including the systematic annihilation of the Jews in the gas chambers of Hitler’s concentration camps.

Quote: “Ponevez, Lithuania, once boasted an important Jewish community, renowned for its leading rabbis and outstanding Jewish institutions, no longer existed, the people so brutally murdered and exterminated by the Nazis........The Ponevezers, a People Gone but Never to be Forgotten.” Article by B. Yudelowitz © 2002 Edited by Dr Saul Issroff

A synagogue burns in Siegen, Germany, on November 10, 1938 (Kristallnacht). The Pictorial History of the Holocaust, Edited by Yitzhak Arad, Macmillan Publishing Company, NY, 1990, p.58. ttp://

South Africa opened its doors to holocaust survivors after World War Two and with typical Jewish zest the endeavors of the Ponevez Society soon manifested many righteous works.

The first site of the Ponevez Society on the corner of Becker and Fox Streets was located in a building which was later demolished to make way for the new courts in Marshalltown. They then moved into a newly built Synagogue on the corner of Fox Street and West streets which they later sold to make way for the new Anglo American sandstone office block awaiting to be erected, today known as 45 Main Street. The distance between the original site at the court and the new Shul on the 40 Fox site was less than a hundred meters as the crow flies. Interestingly the Shul on the court site literally faced Mandela’s worthless shrine across the road, the headquarters of his law practice in Johannesburg, now recently sanitized in the hope of shedding its notorious history.

Pic: The sun casts a shadow on Mandela's law office building across the road from the law courts

Quote: “The Ponevezer Society then moved to its new premises on the Corner of West and Main Streets. In these premises the Society established a special Nursing Home for its sick members. This Nursing Home existed for an appreciable period of time and had its own Doctor as well as a few nurses.”

Article by B. Yudelowitz © 2002 Edited by Dr Saul Issroff

After the sale of the second property to the mining giant a brass plaque commemorating this holy site was affixed to the Anglo American Building after an application was submitted for this purpose. The plaque was affixed to the sandstone wall where the Synagogue once stood. The Ponevezer’s prayers and zeal for G-D is literally imbedded in the walls and the foundation, as well as the internal and external structures of the Anglo building. It is my belief that this is one of the reasons why Anglo American became such a success internationally as wherever the Jews are to be found, there you will find prosperity in accordance with G-D’s promise, “whoever blesses you I will bless, and whoever curses you I will curse”!

Pic of synagogue [circled in red] in Fox Street site with 44 Main Street to the South

Pic the Fox Street building rises above the Ponevez Society site

Anglo American in Marshalltown is the home of one of the largest mining houses which was run by the respected Oppenheimer family. This mining giant employed people from every corner of the nation. The Oppenheimer’s employed rich and poor, people with differing capabilities, destitute people from every walk of life, and through these opportunities wealth and dignity were added to the lives of the people who worked for that company.

Article on Social Responsibility

Yet it is necessary to understand the history of the Jews right up until the present time. The Jews have been enslaved, murdered in cold blood by religious criminals and ideological freaks alike, for millennium. They have been warned, treated harshly, slandered, and scorned by every nation, this includes Africa’s blacks.

Quote: “American support for Israel stands in marked contrast to Europe, however, where anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiments are rising rapidly. Synagogues and Jewish schools and cemeteries throughout Europe are being burned, vandalized, or otherwise desecrated in ever-increasing numbers. Jews are being verbally and physically assaulted throughout Europe. Rockwell Schnabel, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, said at a dinner of the American Jewish Committee in Brussels in 2004 that anti-Semitism in Europe “is as bad as it was in the 1930s.”

Joel C. Rosenburg

A disgusting picture of Brutality against Jews.

One of the more serious outcomes of World War Two was the polarization of East and West. Soviet Imperialism became a threat to civilized people but the dream of a “Great Soviet Empire” was driven by brainwashing the leadership of organizations and peoples all over the world. This pernicious socialism found its way into governments and organizations all over Africa. In the Soviet Union Jews were some of the most disadvantaged and oppressed people of all, until the recent collapse of the Soviet Union, which allowed many Russian Jews to return to their homeland in Israel.

By and large International Jewry has been the most hated and this ideological mindset has been expressed through the many ism’s of our time, Nazism, Soviet Communism, African Proxy Communism, Radical Religious Ideolism’s, etc………… all which drives the victimization of Jews.

Read Holocaust Stories

Mandela raising angry Stalinist black power salute

In the mid 1980’s under the guise of the so called armed struggle, mandela’s black organization set off two bombs. This action was definitely not meant as a warning, it was designed to cause carnage, deaths and injuries to anyone who were perceived to be standing in the ANC’s way, you know, Blacks, Whites, Asians……. But most of all I believe, they detonated the bombs to make a statement against Jewry in Africa, consistent with threats of similar behaviours against Jewry worldwide. In this manner the ANC actions were no better than the religious criminality that has spread like a cancer throughout the world, and the Nazi – Fascist worldview which took hold on the African continent, from which the remaining few Jews had escaped in Europe. A perusal of the well documented actions of Idi Amin will suffice to prove the point.

Quote: “The first premises were hired in the Morris & Reinert Building, Becker Street, Ferreira (this site is now occupied by the Magistrate's Court), which served as a Synagogue as well as a meeting place. At every Ma'ariv Service, a few dozen Jews from Ponevez could be found there, they had congregated to pray as well as to meet each other to discuss various matters and reminisce about their days in Ponevez”

Article by B. Yudelowitz © 2002 Edited by Dr Saul Issroff

Picture of the courts, office and parking. Mandela’s “Palace of Justice” [circled in brown], The car bomb which was detonated [circled in yellow], the Ponevez Society location [circled in red]

The first of the ANC bombs was placed in a car and detonated outside the courts, where the Ponevez Society initially had their house of Prayer on the corner of Becker and Fox Streets. Perhaps because of the sidewalk parking bays outside the courthouse being full, or, because they did not want to damage mandela’s old building across the road, the parking lot on the west side of the courthouses was chosen to detonate the car bomb. This a mere 40 meters away from the original Ponevez building site which butted up against Becker Street. Their actions were close enough to make a clear statement anyway!

The second bomb was detonated outside Anglo American’s building in Fox street causing extensive damage to the façade of the building but the bomb went off literally where the front door of the second Synagogue had originally stood. Two Synagogues - two Jewish holy sites - two bombs - two detonations. It is no surprise then that since coming to power the Jewish State of Israel is scorned by the ANC, in favour of full support for the Palestinian cause.

If there be any doubt as to the deep disliking of Jews and Christians in ANC circles and their supporters just take a walk down memory lane and observe their choice of sites for carrying out their nefarious deeds; as in the case of the Church Street bombing Massacre. In another case, working in unison with another Soviet backed black organization, the St James Church Massacre, and the Ponevez Holy sites , a symbol of the Jews love for G-D.

Pic of car bomb detonated at first Ponevez site in Fox Street
Pic of the bomb detonated at the second Ponevez site in Fox Street

When the bomb was detonated at the second Ponevez site it blew in the very face of a brass plaque affixed to the building to commemorate the survivors of the holocaust and the continuation of righteous life.

While mayhem ensued after the detonations the ANC ran for the cover of the moral high ground, yet what can be said of people who would set off bombs adjacent holy sites? If they do not respect the Holy and Righteous things what is left? The Jews who had suffered in the worst possible way in the concentration camps of Auschwitz, Belsen and others, had to now look on deeply disturbing symbolism. The Jewish Holy sites were set up as a house of prayer for all nations and to support nursing homes, and look after the poor.

A copy of the original document requesting the site to be recognized as holy after which a brass plaque was affixed.

It is my belief that there is a definite attempt by the ANC to racialise Christian Minorities, and anybody else they don’t like, in such a way that they will be slandered both locally and Internationally without any loss to its own nefarious image despite the obvious: the arms deal corruption, missing billions, the violent murder of nearly 300 000 citizens since the ANC came to power in 1994, the RAPE Tsunami, the brain drain, racist tirades and other cloaked national mismanagement, hence the coming state secrecy laws against the media. The ANC has consistently acted as a criminal syndicate gang in my opinion.

The Jewish settlers which we speak about indisputably helped build this country and presented this government the opportunities they now have to pillage the coffers for personal gain, this statement directed at people who can see this glaring fact.

Pic Mandela at the Build the South African Communist Party conference

Quote: “You must hate this system of Capitalism first and foremost. Because if you don’t hate it you will not be able to engage in real struggles against this system” Anc Secretary General, Kgalema Motlanthe speaking at a rally 1st May 2000

The followers of mandela can be described as a tragic mistake in human history. Mandela was the channel through which all the despicable energies of Marxism could be directed. He was simply a means to an end, the vision towards a “Great” Soviet (Communist) Empire, and as mandela’s sword shone the more brightly, so did the stature of the man as it began to fade amongst the dying and wounded. Yes not a nice picture! Yet for those who do not follow Mandela it is erroneous to point to his International branding. True of All Marxist leaders (read Mandela’s “Black Book of Communism”) communism assumes, yes demands the right to own and possesses an individual’s conscience, world view, thought patterns and spiritual gifts. A fatal ideological flaw which articulates the ownership of everything by the state. Non compliance with such a view has littered the pages of history with victims.

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