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Twenty Things I Love About My Wife Port Elizabeth

Her Servant Attitude
Her Heart for JESUS
Her Trust in JESUS
Her life Dedicated to JESUS
Her Love for her family
Her long shining hair
The scent of her hair
Her beautiful skin tone
The way she walks
The tone of her voice
Her infectious laugh
Her warm smile
Her sense of humor
Her lovely legs
Her classey dress code
Her generous spirit
Her Christian walk
Her great FAITH in GOD
Her faithfulness
Her soft eyes
Her perfect teeth
Her lovely smile
Her exciting shopping sprees
Her HOME creations
Her homemade chocolate cookies
Her tasty shortbread
Her Joyous spirit
Her hearty laugh
Her life of prayer
Her heart of compassion
Her peaceful spirit
Her gentle nature
Her silky skin
Her musical gifts
Her poetic gifts
Her trusting spirit
Her loyalty
Her thankful heart
Her spotless life
her loving embrace


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Blacks Murder British Nationals Port Elizabeth

These folk are close family of Mr and Mrs Hart who were BRUTALLY MURDERED by blacks on there small holding. The Hart family hail from the UK and never expected this kind of treatment. I warn anybody coming from overseas to South Africa WATCH YOUR BACK!!!!

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Black Affirmative Action Employee Slanders Christian Minority Woman Port Elizabeth

This article was carried by a local South African newspaper concerning a woman named Justine who worked as an employee of a government department, the note was left on the windscreen of her motor car. Note the 3rd world style of the message.

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Blacks Torture Lee (5) Port Elizabeth

Lee van der Merwe (5) BEATEN with sticks and HIT IN THE FACE numerous times by black criminals who gained entry into her home here in South Africa. (Read the story by Erna van Wyk in the RAPPORT newspaper. Picture by Loanna Hoffman.)

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'Lest We Forget' Port Elizabeth

Thomas Baines First Day Cover Port Elizabeth

Thomas Baines came from England and was well known painter in this part of the world

Rhodesia castle visits PE harbour 1958 Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

St Hugh's Church Newton Park Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 0050/2009

74. PEOPLE (23)
There’s nothing more I like to do than watching folks go by,
I find them so amusing, and so many catch my eye;
For every one is different and several very strange,
Like certain freaky creatures who crawl with lice and mange.

I must confess each time these “humans” (?) stroll across my path,
I wonder to myself when last it was they’d seen a bath,
Their hair is long and filthy, and their jeans quite stiff with grime,
One finds it’s easy to suspect them of some malicious crime.

And then there are the people who are dressed up to a T
With every single hair in place, and made up perfectly,
They walk with such a swagger and are so puffed up with pride
That one cannot help but wonder what they are like inside.

People have such different gifts, some great and some quite small,
Then there are those who seem to have no gifts at all,
But ‘though there seems to be so much that in this world is wrong,
Each person is a unique soul – each person does belong.

There’s so much joy and laughter to behold on every side,
And so much every day that’s new and fresh, and still untried,
Life is what you make it, and there’s always so much fun,
Just meeting different people and just myself being one.

Variety is the spice of life, or so it’s often said,
Which is the reason some are shy and others go ahead,
Each person has an equal chance to make this world to be
a place of warmth and happiness, and filled with harmony.

Used with permission

St Hugh's Church Newton Park Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 3714/2009


I’ve had a lot of plans in life for what I’d like to be
but cannot help but feel averse to being a missionary;
I don’t know why I have this view, but it’s my greatest dread
I’ll end up being a missionary if I’m not shortly wed.

It always seems that spinsters end up following this line,
It may be their life’s greatest goal, but certainly not mine,
And, clad with thick, black stockings, hair screwed up in a bun
they catch a ‘plane and start a life devoid of any fun.

They work out in the bundu, with ticks, and fleas, and lice,
They sleep in old tin shanties, with frogs, and rats, and mice,
And if they’re lucky, they can bath (in rusty tubs that leak),
though never very often – perhaps just once a week.

They cannot shop at Checkers when they run short of shampoo,
And when the toothpaste’s finished, there’s nothing they can do
but smile, and act quite cheerful, ‘though itchy, hot and tired,
Oh, the calling of a missionary leaves much to be desired.

They don’t have all the comforts like the folk in Civvie Street,
And often there is nothing else but samp and beans to eat,
They cannot go to movies or Putt-Putt every day,
And when their beat-up Kombi stops, can’t call for the A.A.

They don’t have “larney” churches where, with organs, hymns are sung,
They sit out in the pasture, amidst the cattle dung,
They don’t get vibrant preaches to enlighten and expound
They preach, themselves, each Sunday, to folk for miles around.

So often they must handle filth, sickness and disease,
With limited facilities – where people don’t say, “Please”,
Sometimes they see such gory sights, it makes them want to retch,
But still they cannot pack their bags and go off to the beach.

They face the roughest weather, enough to cause chilblains,
And have to share their beds with pigs when there are heavy rains,
They cannot merely flick a switch and flood the room with light,
Or use electric blankets when they go to sleep at night.

I wonder how they dry their hair when it gets sopping wet,
They can’t just pop along to “Dot’s” and have it nicely set;
Their lives must seem so very dull with music something rare
and what is done each evening, without a T.V. there?

When back at home folks spring-clean, they feel they’ve done their bit
By making up a parcel of clothes that do not fit;
And many battered, flowery hats are sent, along with shoes
and second-hand, dried, tea-bags, for missionaries to use.

Quite often these same people, from China or Peru
Arrive at church with pictures, and slides of what they do,
And while at home on furlough, drink endless cups of tea,
No wonder I don’t fancy being a full-time Missionary!

Used with permission

St Hugh's Church Newton Park Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 2738/2009

You have so much to teach me, Lord, and much I need to learn,
Please give me strength to do Your will, as I Your voice discern,
My mind is full of selfish thoughts that crowd Your Presence out,
Help me to rid myself of all that causes fear and doubt.

I need to learn to praise You, Lord – I do not praise enough,
I praise You when I’m happy, but seldom when life’s rough;
Help me to know You love me, no matter what takes place,
And give me faith and courage to run a steadfast race.

I need to learn to serve You, You’ve done so much for me,
And others need to know You, so they too can be free;
Fill me with zeal and fervour to be of use to You
Lead me to where You want me, show me what I can do.

I need to learn to loveYou, because You first loved me,
To love You just for dying, in pain, at Calvary;
It’s always very easy to live when there’s reward,
But teach me how to love You, with love like Yours, dear Lord.

I don’t deserve Your love and grace – I’m filled with so much shame,
Yet You reached down and touched me, and called me by my name,
Through tenderness and mercy, You gave me all I own,
And You have promised faithfully that I am not alone.

Thank You for all the things You’ve done, for what You will yet do,
And though there may be many trials I still must struggle through,
If I keep looking up at You, and on Your Spirit lean,
Live in Your Word, and hold Your hand, I will know joy serene.

Looking at the Saviour
Leaning on the Spirit
Living in the Scriptures
(Ian Barclay of Encounter Ministries)

Used with permission

St Hugh's Church Gate Newton Park Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 65122/2009

(Published in Poetry Book “Reflections” – 1990)

Oh God, I thank You for the hurts and struggles I have known,
And for those many times it seemed that I was so alone,
I thank You for the problems and for teaching me to cry
for it’s only now that, looking back, I see the reason why.

If right throughout life’s journey my future seemed all clear,
I’d never feel the comfort of Your presence ever near,
I would not have the faith I have to trust Your guiding hand,
Or see that through the many trials my life has all been planned.

So now when I meet others who’re filled with fear and doubt,
Rejected, lost, unwanted, and feeling so left out,
I know just how they’re hurting and can identify,
And through my every heartache, I’ve learned the reason why.

I’ve been so caught up with myself, I never looked to see
that others in the world around were needing love from me;
My selfishness had blinded me until I met with You,
And then You showed me lovingly just what I’m here to do.

Fill me with more love, Lord, and genuine concern,
For all these lonely people, let desire within me burn,
Make it a goal in life for me to always stand close by
until to others like me, I’ll show the reason why.

Take me, Holy Spirit, and remould me as You please
Keep me always humble and down upon my knees,
Help me submit completely and to let You have Your way,
And to trust Your perfect leading, every moment, every day.

I see now all the suffering which You caused me to go through
was just a way to build me up – so I’d depend on You,
To make me much more gentle, and for others learn to cry,
To understand their hardships, NOW I know the reason why.

When I face more problems, don’t let me once complain
For now I’ve learned that they aren’t given to me all in vain;
Teach me to accept them so that I can help along
those strugglers I will meet with, because You’ve made me strong.

Used with permission

Eastern Cape Map Showing Port Elizabeth

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Port Elizabeth Golf Course

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Baakens River Power Station Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Main Street looking North Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

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The Donkin Arch Memorial Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

World Vision Port Elizabeth

Please support children through the efforts of World Vision helping to make dreams come true.

83. JESUS (24)

You gave Your all for people when You left Your home above,
Emptying Yourself of everything, except Your infinite love,
You saw how lost the world was, and so hopelessly going astray,
And You reached out, regardless of the cost, in order to show us the way.

You cam to the earth as we all did – tiny and helpless and weak,
And You grew day by day in great wisdom, yet were gentle and tender and meek,
You honoured Your God-given parents, every moment, in every way,
A perfect example of childhood – willing always to hear and obey.

Then, when at last You reached manhood, standing upright, strong, true and tall
You set out on Your mission, while Satan tried to get You to fall,
Yet You knew what was right and You did it, although it was often so hard,
And though tempted and tested severely, You stayed sinless because You were God.

You were never too tired or too busy, too indifferent or too unfeeling
to spend each moment in teaching, and in reaching out, and in healing,
You came to mend men’s broken lives, both their bodies and their souls,
though many didn’t understand Your purposes and goals.

They thought You’d come to conquer and to loose their captive chains,
They never thought You’d come to cleanse and wash away sin’s stains,
They only wanted freedom from the anguish and the strife,
And did not care that You could give them everlasting life.

They loved to see the miracles (which You can still perform
by bringing back to life the dead, and calming every storm)
And though You did great wonders – changing water into wine,
They never saw that You were God – unique, supreme, Divine.

The crowds all clamoured ‘round to see what next it was You’d do,
Not many cared about the words You spoke, so clear and true,
They wanted You to touch them and to take away disease
but they seldom asked forgiveness, in repentance, on their knees.

You were always busy doing helpful, kindly deeds,
And never stopped a moment to think about Your needs,
You cared so much for people in their pain and hurt and fear,
And wept because they were too blind to see that You were near.

In God’s own time He sent You, in mercy, love and grace
to be the Sacrificial Lamb for a sinful, dying race,
And those who waited for You as Messiah, when You came
they cursed and spat and mocked You and insulted Your dear Name.

Although You were the Son of God, You had no earthly home,
No place where You could lay Your head, for You were forced to roam,
Right from the hour You came to earth, man always turned You out
And “No room here!” and “Crucify!” is all they ever shout.

The people who had praised You when You first arrived in town
now turned away with scoffing, laughing at Your thorny crown,
When Roman whips tore ribbons from Your flesh, they saw it all,
But they didn’t cry in protest as Your blood began to fall.

You didn’t have to do it – You could have let us die,
We all deserve God’s judgment, this no-one can deny,
Yet even in the Garden when You knelt in prayer – alone,
You surrendered to Your Father and did not seek Your own.

Oh Jesus, when I think about the things You did for me,
With that heavy cross upon Your back, You walked to Calvary,
When rusty nails were driven through each gentle, outstretched hand,
My eyes are filled with tears of shame for this salvation You have planned.

I have no right to point at those who mocked and pierced Your side,
It was for sinners such as I that You were crucified,
It was for me You suffered and I broke Your loving heart,
For in the anguish You endured, I played a major part.

I cannot understand it all, but thank You just the same,
that to this evil world two thousand years ago You came,
And through Your death You conquered the hold sin had on man
And rose triumphant from the grave, and soon will come again.

Used with permission

Telefriend Christian Counselling Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

There is a toll free number to phone see the Telefriend Website or the Telephone Directory.


You came to earth to form Your Church and, by the things You’ve done,
Your people are united – in You have been made one,
So many, varied people, spread through all the world around
combined to make a family, and with cords of love been bound.

Each person in Your family has a different task to do,
And whether great or humble, each task is done for You;
For just as arms and legs and eyes help make a human frame,
No matter what their function, they’re needed, just the same.

The body of a human would be torn apart in two
if every part decided what it felt led to do;
It’s only when the members of the body play the role
designed by their Creator, is that body fit and whole.

The Church is not a building made of bricks and tiles and paint,
The Church is built of people, and every one a saint,
Each saint called by the Father to do His work below,
And each one has a purpose to help the Church to grow.

The Church, made up of people, is Your own Body, Lord,
People who are meant to love, and be of one accord,
And yet, so very often, there is so much hate and strife
to stunt the growth of the Church, and end its very life.

You are the Head, Lord Jesus, and You have given all
to build Your Church from strength to strength, so it should never fall;
How it must grieve Your Spirit and break Your loving heart
when members of Your Body disagree and tear apart.

The Church is Your own Body, and while on earth she stays
she’s meant to love and give and serve, to worship and to praise,
May she be every faithful – never from her purpose roam
until You come again to take the Church – Your Body – home.

Used with permission

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Telefriend Christian Counselling Port Elizabeth

Picture Downloaded from the Telefriend Website

Telefriend offers free telephonic counselling to needy people who need a friend to talk to during difficult times. Phone 041 - 51 - 5200
Check the number in the Telephone directory

"The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you, the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace."
Numbers 6:24-26

Claim His promise from the Word of God and remember that He loves you. He is only a prayer away. Talk to Him and talk to those people He uses to listen to you and give you guidance and wisdom when you feel you cannot go on.

Published in my poetry book “Reflections” – 1990
(Written at a time when I was feeling the pressures of life because of many commitments; when sometimes God only got my spare time).

Lord, in the busy rush of life, one thing I need to learn –
to take the time to spend with You – Your Holy Will discern,
For there is such a danger, when I’ve so much to do,
worn out by many meetings – I have no time for You.

Give me a quiet spirit, amidst life’s hectic pace
to draw aside from others, and look into Your face,
to spend the time, like Mary, in hearing what You say,
not giving You my “spare time” at the close of every day.

Your life on earth was busy, while giving all You could,
You spent Yourself in service – in always doing good;
Yet You had time communing – just You and God alone*
More blessed and sweeter fellowship has never since been known.

Oh Jesus, when, like Martha, I have so much to do,
And proudly think how good I am at doing things for You
when all You ask is love from me, it’s really quite a crime
if, in my busy schedule, I cannot find the time!

* Mark 1:35

Used with permission

Decorative Steel Gate Library Main Street Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 1474/2009

Post Office Main Street Port Elizabeth

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Church Architecture Central Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 8338/2009

Cape Coons Port Elizabeth

Cape Recife Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Downloaded from LIFE

Main Street Looking on Campanile Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Downloaded from LIFE

Chinese Section Boardwalk Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 7026/2009

Chinese Section Boardwalk Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 4818/2009

Chinese Section Boardwalk Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 3330/2009

Day Drives Map Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

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Post Box Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

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Anticipation Port Elizabeth

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Christmas time comes with a great deal of anticipation. Arriving in Port Elizabeth to be greeted by mom and dad and other family members. It's the family that makes this town so attractive with its English Heritage.

South Africa’s Airports

Port Elizabeth’s Airport like South Africa’s six other major airport’s were named as follows:

Cape Town’s Airport - D.F.Malan Airport named after D.F.Malan
Johannesburg’s Airport - Jan Smuts Airport named after Jan Smuts now
known as Johannesburg International Airport

Bloemfontein’s Airport - Hertzog Airport named after Hertzog
Durban’s Airport - Louise Botha Airport named after Louise Botha
East London’s Airport - Ben Schoeman Airport named after Ben Schoeman
Port Elizabeth’s Airport - H.F.Verwoerd Airport named after H.F.Verwoerd now
known as the Port Elizabeth Airport

Holiday Memories Port Elizabeth

Driving by car to port Elizabeth takes many hours with a great deal of concentration and road hazards one of which is fatigue. Flying on our favourite airline takes approximatly an hour and twenty minutes. Exiting the aircraft feels as if it was just a minute or two having left with no jet lag, citations or other uncomfortable feelings.

Heavens Glory Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 6674/2009

The sights from the aircraft window are just spectacular and the feeling is that you are touching the edge of heaven, the place where GOD is! Below heavy clouds creates a feeling of heaviness but once you rise above the cloud "barrier" you feel the warmth of the sun and you can see forever a thought that life is often like that.

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British Flag 1910 Port Elizabeth

Youth for Christ Sign after Flooding Baakens River Valley Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 0018/2009

Canal Cruising England

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 1170/2009

Oceanos Lifeboat Schoenmakerskop Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 6098/2009

Oceanos Lifeboat Schoenmakerskop Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 3794/2009

Oceanos Lifeboat Schoenmakerskop Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 3810/2009

Oceanos Lifeboat Schoenmakerskop Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 8706/2009

Oceanos Lifeboat Schoenmakerskop Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

To use this image quote: Our Christian Heritage/ 2594/2009

Main Street Cross Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Eastern Cape Architects Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

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