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The Daisy Port Elizabeth

Beautiful Home Central Port Elizabeth

Our Beachfront Port Elizabeth

Beautiful Homes Central Port Elizabeth

Moth Society Badge Walmer Port Elizabeth

Cradock Mounted Volunteers.Eastern Cape

Ratepayers Ripped Off? Port Elizabeth

(QUOTE: “The Gauteng health MEC’s personal assistant has been enjoying the cheapest accommodation in Johannesburg - a state-owned house for less than R10 a day.” Read the STORY: by Themba Wa Sepotokele in THE STAR, PICTURE main page THE STAR Newspaper.) If the government charged a market related monthly rental of R4000 - R5000, this house would place approximately R54 thousand rand per annum in government coffers, enough to treat more than half a dozen people suffering from AIDS with anti-retrovirals for a year!

Accounts Department
Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Excessive water account

Kindly note that there is an error in your rates account for water usage at
Xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxx

Period October 2009
Stand number
Account number xxxxxxx

Note that you have charged us for 109 thousand litres over 29 days for a household with two adults and one child and a 412 square meter property. This means you have charged us nearly eight times the average we normally pay with water increase tariffs included.

I have made the following inspections as I am a maintenance supervisor in a large company, to ensure that:

the water meter is actually working.
there is no leak in our water system which would result in an excessive water reading.
once all the taps, appliances and toilets are turned off the meter remains static.

Incorrect readings result from meter readers punching in incorrect data, the generation of incorrect invoices at your offices, but could also result by manipulating usage to extort income from consumers. In the case I am presenting, you give a previous reading 2353 (note you do not say from when), and a supposedly actual (latest) erroneous reading 2462 for September 2009. However the reading is actually 2374 as at 20 October 2009. The picture I have taken of our meter is on Thursday 22 October 2009 witnessed by my wife, son and myself (see also affidavit).

If you subtract the present reading from our water meter which is from the 20 October 2009 (the present reading is) 2374 – 2353 (your previous reading) = 21 Kilo litres However you have charged us for 109 Kilo litres. The whole issue here is not the objection to paying for services consumed but paying for your mistakes, or is it extortion?

Now knowing your method of dealing with the public you will more than likely try the hogwash “back payment usage” argument, or even just trash this letter. Like most of the consumers who have had to deal with you from our community, we feel there is no integrity in your BEE organization except to look after your own narrow interests namely the yearly holiday, the big cars, the smart cell phones, jostleling for position within your organisation, lavish homes and life styles, overseas trips and the brand name clothes. We are well aware of what is happening around the country and also in our communities. If you keep your ear to the ground you will also find people have no respect for you as a result of your generally nil service and bad manners. We are also aware that if we pay the money upfront for your “errors” there is nigh hope of us ever seen it again except that a big portion of this will go into some Fat Cats Bonus, so I say well done to you sir/madam.

If we do get money back this will be somewhat short of a miracle but we won’t thank you because this is actually our money which we worked for, and in any case you should have done your job properly in the first place.

Should we not get a credit on our account, or some form of an acknowledgement from you we are going to send this letter to the press and many local newspapers. You have a pathetic way of dealing with the public eg. never answering your phones, lifting up the receiver and then placing it down again, trotting out the same tripe to the ratepayers over and over, garbage that will only pass the test in Africa. However despite your don’t care less attitude the second thing we will do is place this information on as many blogs as we can, and also inform a real world class political party such as the DA. People need to know how Africans treat people and perhaps this will trigger an investigation to see whether there is a possibility any monies paid into your BEE organization are being reversed and paid into “personal accounts”.


contact: xxxxxxxx

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The King George V1 Art Gallery Port Elizabeth

The King George V1 Art Gallery Port Elizabeth

Donkin Houses Port Elizabeth

Flower Garden Boardwalk Port Elizabeth

Advert Port Elizabeth

RAF Coming Home WW2

Blacks Murder Australian Citizen Port Elizabeth

Ryszard Gancewcz SHOT DEAD by blacks while visiting South Africa from Australia. (Read the entire story in THE STAR newspaper, 03 April 2007. Pictures in the same article).

South African Defence Force Port Elizabeth


The SADF prevented armed street gangs from overthrowing South Africa Violently, again a very big thank you!

JESUS "Bring the little children unto ME" Port Elizabeth

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Settlers Highway Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Post Card

Shakespear Port Elizabeth

Sound of Music DVD

Ford Motor Company Port Elizabeth

Article from the book "Port Elizabeth" - gives a panoramic view of Port Elizabeth including its Industrial Developement. This book is not to be confused with the excellent research of the history of PE in another out of print book by one of South Africa's foremost historians also called "Port Elizabeth".

English Girl Barred from Job England

English girl barred from Government job...because she is wrong kind of white


Last updated at 11:27 06 August 2007

A teenage science student has been banned from applying for a training programme with the Environment Agency because she is white and English.
The recruitment agency handling the scheme told Abigail Howarth, 18, that there was no point in her submitting an application because of her ethnic background.
But bizarrely she could have applied if she had been white and Welsh, Scottish or Irish.

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Turned down: Abigail Howarth
Abigail, who wanted to join the Agency's flood management programme, saw an advert in a local newspaper offering positions in the Anglia region where she lives, complete with a £13,000-a-year tax-free grant.

It made no mention of the ban on white English applicants, merely noting that candidates from ethnic minorities, such as "Asian, Indian' and "White Other, e.g. Irish, Welsh, Scottish', were encouraged to put themselves forward.

Abigail, of Little Straughton, Bedfordshire, said: "I was really disappointed. To be told being "White English" ruled me out in my home county shocked me. I know why there are positive action training schemes to assist those who are genuinely discriminated against but when it's broken down to this level it seems crazy to me.

"I really wanted to work for the agency and I was very excited - followed by feeling very disappointed.
"I would not have minded had I been beaten for the position by somebody better able than me."

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Article from the MAIL Online

Read the whole article. Go to Mail Online

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Art Rennaissance Beautiful Garden Painting

Love Jerusalem Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth Christians Support Israel. Love Jerusalem Love Israel.

Flowers Port Elizabeth

Book of the Week Port Elizabeth

Church opposite Donkin Reserve Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

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Shopping Centre Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Beautiful Home Central Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Beautiful Home Central Port Elizabeth

Harry Potter Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth Airport

HM Queen Victoria Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

1820 Settlers Park Algoa Park Port Elizabeth

Just A Reminder

Since the advent of the British Settlers to the Eastern Cape this park was set aside in memory of the "1820 Settlers". However there is a consistant attempt at watering down the impact and history of the real developers of this city, namely British money and its English component.

Jerusalem Ministries Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Jerusalem Ministries Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Jerusalem Ministries Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Jerusalem Ministries Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

The Sacramento Trail Schoenmakerskop Algoa Bay port Elizabeth