Saturday, January 28, 2012

Seaview Game Park Port Elizabeth

Seaview Game Park is one of those treasures you don't want to miss when visiting Port Elizabeth. For the tourist it will be the highlight of your stay in the Eastern Cape. Seaview Game Park definitly comes highly recommended. I have personally been to Seaview Game Park many times and it is one of those small game reserves where you will be able to see a variety Africa's animals in the wild. In bigger Parks such as the Kruger National Park you won't always have the opportunity of watching live lions, but at Seaview Game Park the visitor is assured of this wonderful experience. It may even be possible to hold a small lion cub such as we were able to do on one of our visits, and before leaving you will be able to have a cup of tea in the restuarant atop a hill overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Castle Liners Visiting PE Harbour Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Castle Liners Visiting PE Harbour Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Martina McBride - This One's For The Girls

Holocaust Day 27 January Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Jewish World Article
Camp at Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 1947 (Photo: World Bnei Akiva archive),7340,L-3630381,00.html

We remember this day the 27 January 2012, the day set aside worldwide to reflect on the suffering of the Jewish people, both victims and survivors. The targeting of Jews continues unabated even in the 21st century.

We pray for the Jewish nation:

That G-D would bless them in the state of Israel
That G-D would protect them from enemies dedicated to their destruction
That G-D would give them favour amongst the nations of the world
That G-D would prosper them as a nation
That G-D would multiply them in the nations of the world
That G-D would bring peace to Jerusalem the Jewish Capital
That G-D would allow the Temple in Jerusalem to be rebuilt
That G-D would give the Jewish nation the hearts of Lions
That G-D would never again allow a repeat of the Holocaust in future
We pray for the “Balm of Gilead” over the Jewish nation to spare them from hurtful memories and the sufferings they have to endure.


Israel 1989 - Milk & Honey - Ani ma'amin

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Horse Depot Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

This Depot was for the horses offloaded at Port Elizabeth's harbour for use by British troops during the Boer War. Over 30 000 horses died during the battles and are buried all over the Transvaal and Natal. The Horse Memorial in Cape Road stands as testimony to the part these animals played in the War effort. The British also took great care in looking after the animals.

St Mary's Church Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Our Christian Heritage

SS Maplemore Arrives 1901 Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

SS Maplemore

Quote: "B" and "D" squadrons of this regiment embarked at Sydney on the transport Maplemore on the 16th March, and arrived at Port Elizabeth on 12th April, 1901, with 8 officers and 251 others.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jerusalem Ministries Walmer Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

St James Church Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

St Paul's Anglican Church, Port Elizabeth

Our Christian Heritage

The original church of St Paul was first established in 1854. Placed on the edge of Albany Road on the hill near Main Street gave way to a new church structure in Parsons Hill about 1KM from the Green Acres shopping center. The church can be viewed from many roads one of which is Diaz Street looking south. The congregation has also changed many times in its 150 year existence and I believe many original sacramental items including the original stained glass windows are to be found in the new Parsons Road church structure.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our History Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Picture Source unknown
George 1

Our History Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Proud of Our British Heritage

Scots Guards marching military band 1, Wantage, UK, May 2011

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dedicated to a very special Friend - Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

So much we’ve done together in our friendship over the years,
So much we’ve shared together, both happiness and tears,
How good the Lord has been to us, and this special gift of love
is the greatest gift He could bestow from His blessings up above.

Nothing is more wonderful than the gift of a real, true friend
who stands by you through thick and thin, until the very end,
And in this age we live in, when life goes by so fast,
It’s good to know our friendship is one which will always last.

We’ve both had many trials and at times found things hard to bear,
We’ve both found life can be lonely, and we’ve often felt despair,
Yet in spite of all the problems, and the things which have caused so much pain
There’s so much for us to be thankful for, and so much we still have to gain.

I thank God for the friendship He’s given us to share,
I thank Him, for this quality of friendship is quite rare,
Not many have a dear close friend, as I’ve had, at their side,
No-one to put their trust in, in whom they can confide.

And thank you, too, my special friend, for all you mean to me,
For all your kindness, understanding and your sympathy,
And though it’s always hard to part – it causes so much pain,
It won’t be long until once more we’ll see each other again.

Reproduced by Permission

Cape Road Business Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Book of the Week

Our Forebears Russel Road Cemetery Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Our Forebears Russel Road Cemetery Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Our Forebears Russel Road Cemetery Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Our Forebears Russel Road Cemetery Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Our Flags Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Mutual Building Market Square Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

View from Market Square Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Cricket at Darnell Sheffield, England

Playing Cricket at Darnell Sheffield, England

The History of the Cricket Bat England

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Valley Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

The Star Newspaper 29 December 2011
Black Beneficiaries of apartheid