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Balmoral Castle England

HM Queen Victoria Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

The Royal Bridesmaids

HM Queen Victoria Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Queen Victoria and her cousin.

HM Queen Victoria Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

"For a man to strike any women is most brutal, and I, as well as everyone else, think this far worse than any attempt to shoot, which, wicked as it is, is at least more comprehensible and more courageous."
Queen Victoria

HM Queen Victoria Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

HM Queen Victoria Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Happy Valley Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

A Hen Pecked Husband (13) Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

“Johnny, will you fix the tap?
It won’t run anymore,
Will you hurry as I need it
to scrub the dirty floor.”

“I’m coming, love, I’m coming,”
was her husband’s last implore,
“Hurry, hurry!” screamed his wife,
“And for Pete’s sake, shut the door!”

“I’m coming, love, I’m coming,
I’ll be there in a minute…!”
“…..Mind that bowl of water,
Now you’ve put your big foot in it!”

“Johnny, have you fixed the tap?
I can’t wait anymore,
JOHNNY! Look, your dirty shoes
Have made tracks across my floor!”

“I’m sorry, dear, I’m sorry”
cried the man, who, bathed in sweat,
was having trouble with the tap,
and had succeeded getting wet.

“Johnny, please get out of bed!”
(It was nearly ten to three)
“Johnny! There’s a burglar,
Hurry, go and see!”

“It’s no burglar, love”
cried the man in bitter tears,
“I’ve tripped and I regret to say,
that I’ve fallen down the stairs.”

“Johnny! Johnny! Please wake up,
I can’t sleep anymore.
And the explanation is –
That you consistently snore!”

So a man will suffer
His wife will keep him checked
But all the poor guy can say –
“Husbands do get hen-pecked!”

A Prayer of Surrender Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Lord, forgive me for my failures, there are many, that I know,
So often I have let You down, and grieved Your Spirit so;
All the grumbling and complaining and the times when I forget
that you, in loving mercy, have never failed me yet.

I’ve always been so selfish, so proud, and yes, so greedy,
I seldom spare a passing thought for the poor, the sick, the needy,
How I long to be more faithful, more patient and more true;
To live a life that’s wholly pure – in fact, to be like You.

Forgive me for being bitter when things don’t go my way,
I’m tired of fighting You, O God, please teach me to obey,
Show me where I’m needed, no matter where it be,
I want to serve You, Jesus, for You gave Your all for me.

Help me to remember that I now am not my own,
I am Your child, You must have all, for You sit on the throne;
There’s much I’m holding on to, that’s wrong, and that’s unclean,
Help me surrender everything, trust in You and on You lean.

Dear Lord, I ask no longer for things outside Your will,
You see ahead and through it all will never bring me ill,
Many are the plans I’ve made which often came to naught,
Because I tried to leave You out- Your will I never sought.

I do not understand You will but believe that You know best,
And all the trials I’m facing You have put there as a test,
I need so much to trust in You, to take You at Your Word,
Or I’ll never know true happiness, which is what I lack, dear Lord.

Oh Father, take away these doubts that cause me such despair,
My future seems uncertain and I’m often filled with fear,
Yet I know You care – You’ve promised me You’ll always hold my hand,
Teach me to walk the path You want, the path for me You’ve planned.

Help me always, Lord, to steer my love in the right direction,
Millions are lonely and loveless, and need to be shown some affection’
Teach me to love the unlovely, asking not to be loved in return,
Being gracious enough to accept life’s rebuffs is something I still have to learn.

So use me Lord, however You want, I’ve wasted Your time far too long
on my own selfish needs and this is why I never have got on,
For too long now I’ve been self-pitying and trying to run my own life
No wonder I’ve been so frustrated and filled with such inward strife.

Thank You, Precious Jesus, for the good things You’ve given to me
Help me to even feel thankful for the fact that I’m single and free,
Free to be independent, even though it’s not quite what I’d choose
If You have control of my life, Lord, I know that I cannot lose.

I’m yielding my all to You, Jesus, before You I now humbly bow,
Each trial and temptation You give me, I’m accepting right there and now,
And whenever I have moments when I feel lonely and blue,
Turn me from myself, Lord, to reach out to others, for You.

Christian Family Movie

The Old Erica School Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Shark River Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Humewood Camping Grounds Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

HMS Weymouth Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth


Richard Turner, master. Portsmouth January 7th 1820 to Table Bay April 25th 1820 and Algoa Bay May 15th 1820
The Weymouth was used to transport 11 parties of 1820 settlers from Portsmouth to Algoa Bay (Port Elizabeth). Such passenger lists as remain are in the Cape Archives but listings taken from their holdings, as well as a lot of background information on the emigration scheme and further details about many of the settlers, can be found in ‘The Settler Handbook’ by M.D.Nash, Chameleon Press 1987( ISBN 0 620 10940 8), available from the Albany Museum, Somerset Street, Grahamstown 6139, South Africa. The Public Record Office in Kew, London, holds both the captain’s log (ADM51/3543) and the second master’s log (ADM52/4655) as well as the ship’s muster roll. At first sight the two logs seem identical but there are subtle differences in the information they contain. Below are transcriptions of the captain’s log (ADM51/3543 and the muster roll for December 1819 (ADM37/6145)

This scale model was built by Dr J.A. Pringle of the Port Elizabeth Museum and based on the only known plans of a settler ship that have survived
Kindly transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Sue Mackay, of Cardiff. (additional transcriber notes in italics)

Picture Source
Book Title: Algoa Bay In the Age of Sail
Colin Urquhart
Page 163

A number of years ago a mock up of a passanger basket off loading a women (Settler) in Port Elizabeth was erected in the Bay World Museum. This became a common method later in the shipping history of the port and i am just sorry now that i did not take a photograph at the time.

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Keith Green: Create in me a Clean Heart Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Christian Movie

The Mandela Verses - Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth


The Verses

'We the members of mk have pledged ourselves
to KILL them, the WHITES...."

Blacks Murder German National Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

German woman in horror killing Cape Town

Quote: "Kristina Gebhardt, 28, beaten to death, dumped in boot of her Fiat Uno over a R20 parking row with guards......"

Blacks Gang Rape Elderly Dutch Citizen Cobi Venter and Murder Her Husband Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Blacks have Gang Raped Cobi Venter (67) and Murdered her husband in cold blood after they had tortured him.

Best Christian Movie for Children Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Grahamstown Eastern Cape

Ramp Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

North End Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Fort Frederick Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

The Campanile from the Harbour Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

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Queens Street Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Wesleyan Church Ivy Street Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Complacency? or Commitment? (25) Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

I grew up in a Christian home, and kept each golden rule,
I learned my Bible verses and went to Sunday School,
I never missed a service and never once was late,
I always wore a hat to church (‘til this went out of date).

I wrote exams on Scripture and often won a prize,
I always was so honest (or only told white lies)!
I let my friends around me know just how far I’d go,
I was the perfect Christian and told each heathen so.

I grew up quite an angel (just how each Christian should),
I always showed my family how kind I was – how good,
I found it very easy to love those who loved me,
I only knew a life of ease and bliss and harmony.

I taught a class at Sunday School for several years at least,
I never lost my temper with ANY little beast,
I also joined the choir and always sang on key,
I was so glad to be of help – to think they needed ME!

I never dreamed of stealing, or committing any crime,
I always gave my offerings and my gifts and tithes on time;
I never went to movies (if the film should not be seen)
I exercised such self-control, and was pure, upright and clean.

I never let my Saviour down, I always gave my best,
I never drank or smoked or swore – was always neatly dressed,
I never went to dances, or places filled with sin,
I was assured, as martyr, my place was booked in heaven.


God showed me very clearly how misled I’d always been,
How much of self and sin in me, by Him, was plainly seen,
He knew those foolish motives which I’d tried so hard to hide
were brought about by nothing else but arrogance and pride.

He pointed out to me one day just where I had gone wrong,
Just doing things for Jesus couldn’t thus make me belong’
He wanted all that I could give, myself, my life, my soul
He didn’t want a part of me, no, not a part, - the whole.

He taught me that each goal I had, and all I’d striven for
were only to gain greater things, so that He’d give me more,
It seemed that I had served Him, not from love of any kind
but only to escape from hell, and a home in heav’n to find.

He let me know what He required from every child He knew,
and HOW distressed and shocked I was to see things in this view,
He didn’t want my gifts and wealth, or pious, moral ways,
He only wanted love from me, and service all my days.

The things I fondly cling to, I need to learn are loss,
That following Jesus means denial, and taking up my cross,
That loving people means not only those who love me much,
But also those outside my sphere, those I don’t usually touch.

How sad that in this sin-sick world, so many just like me
Are comfortable and finding life for Jesus much too free,
They warm the pews on Sundays and give most generously,
But far from being committed, they live complacently

Reproduced with permission

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Irish Hymn - Mo Ghrá'sa, Mo Dhia - Aoife Ní Fhearraigh



Not my way, dear Master, it would only lead astray,
Give me faith to trust You, and to follow and obey,
It’s never very easy to depend on You alone,
When often I am tempted to go it on my own.

I do not know the future and just what for me is planned,
The way You seem to want me go I do not understand,
Things seem to be so muddled and the path so steep and rough,
But Your presence there to guide me is really quite enough.

I cannot see the harm my hopes and plans and dreams would do,
They seem so sane and normal, yet are not met by You,
For though You’ve heard my many prayers, and seen each tear I’ve shed,
You’ve answered “No” because, being God, You know what lies ahead.

You’ll never let Your children go through more than they can take,
And things that happen in their lives aren’t merely a mistake,
Your plans for every moment of each day are very wise
although they may seem pointless when seen through human eyes.

The hardest words to say must be – “Not my will, Lord, but Yours”
For when I say this, You begin to close so many doors,
Doors which I’d been hoping would be opened wide for me,
And the reason for their closing is quite a mystery.

You’ll never ever close all doors and leave Your child locked out,
You’ll open other doors for me, I know this without doubt,
I make a mess each time I turn my back and disobey
Forgive me, Lord, for blaming You, when things don’t go my way.

I want to do Your will, O Lord, to You I humbly yield,
And cling to every promise in Your Word, my Light and Shield,
Take my life and break me, then remould me as You please,
Make me pure and loving, keep me humble, on my knees.

Now as I walk along the path You’ve called on me to go,
Be with me every day, please Lord, help me defeat each foe,
Though weak and often failing, and though dark ahead it seems
The door through which You’ll lead me will bring more joy than my dreams.

Reproduced with permission

1902 Gale Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

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The Kowie River Eastern Cape

HMS Thames in PE Harbour Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Missionary Robert Moffat Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Picture downloaded
by Rosemary Dixon-Smith

Quote: "MOFFAT, Robert
LMS missionary arrived at the Cape in 1817; worked among the Bechuana at Kuruman Mission Station for 50 years. Wrote 'Missionary Labours and Scenes in South Africa' (1842), and translated the Catechism as well as the New Testament into the Tswana language. His daughter Mary married David Livingstone, the missionary-explorer, who also worked at Kuruman before his travels in Central Africa."

Victoria Gardens Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth


You have so much to teach me, Lord, and much I need to learn,
Please give me strength to do Your will, as I Your voice discern,
My mind is full of selfish thoughts that crowd Your Presence out,
Help me to rid myself of all that causes fear and doubt.

I need to learn to praise You, Lord – I do not praise enough,
I praise You when I’m happy, but seldom when life’s rough;
Help me to know You love me, no matter what takes place,
And give me faith and courage to run a steadfast race.

I need to learn to serve You, You’ve done so much for me,
And others need to know You, so they too can be free;
Fill me with zeal and fervour to be of use to You
Lead me to where You want me, show me what I can do.

I need to learn to loveYou, because You first loved me,
To love You just for dying, in pain, at Calvary;
It’s always very easy to live when there’s reward,
But teach me how to love You, with love like Yours, dear Lord.

I don’t deserve Your love and grace – I’m filled with so much shame,
Yet You reached down and touched me, and called me by my name,
Through tenderness and mercy, You gave me all I own,
And You have promised faithfully that I am not alone.

Thank You for all the things You’ve done, for what You will yet do,
And though there may be many trials I still must struggle through,
If I keep looking up at You, and on Your Spirit lean,
Live in Your Word, and hold Your hand, I will know joy serene.

Looking at the Saviour
Leaning on the Spirit
Living in the Scriptures
(Ian Barclay of Encounter Ministries)

Reproduced with permission

Sailing Zwartkops River Redhouse Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Redhouse Yachting Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

St George's Park Swimming Pool Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Humewood Caravan Park Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth


At Gwen Shaw Caravan Park
There are wonderful things to do,
Like an elephant, a swimming bath,
A pumpkin, and a shoe.

The swimming bath is wonderful
for swimming every day.
And the pumpkin is marvelous
for little children to play.

The ablution blocks are clean
with wonderful things inside,
And Gwen Shaw Caravan Park
is a wonderful place to abide.

Reproduced with permission

Picture of JESUS with the Children


Many, many years ago, when only God was there,
Years before the world with sin began,
God, a Spotless Person, made a world so clean and new
Forming plants and animals, not forgetting man.
The darkness had gone and in its place
God put a bright new sun,
Which brightened gloomy corners
And cheered up everyone.
Not long before the world was made
A bit of sin crept in,
And ever since it has been there,
An evil, wicked thing.
The world grew very wicked
Until God sent a flood
And you can well imagine
The water, tears and mud.
The world again was pure and clean,
When the flood had been completed,
For all the wicked people drowned,
And sin had been defeated.
Then through the years, the sin again
Began to take a place,
And ever since, there has been sin
Right through the world and space.
Again God knew the time had come
To punish the world for its sin,
Not a flood this time, but death
For sin just could not win.
So all the people were to die
For sin just couldn’t win through,
But God loved us so greatly,
That this He couldn’t do.
Then God thought and at last He said,
“I know just what to do,
If only one man had to die,
The others wouldn’t have to.”
The only trouble was that the man,
Would have to be without sin,
And every single man had sinned,
except God and His Son.
So God at last decided
To send His only Son,
For one would have to die
And Jesus would be the One.
Jesus came to earth to live
He grew up like you and I,
And very soon the time had come,
For the sinless One to die.
Jesus didn’t have to die,
He died so we could live,
He died because He loved the world,
He died so God could forgive.
The soldiers nailed Him to a cross
Yet love, not nails, held Him there,
We should think of all the pain
That Jesus had to bear.
We only gave Jesus a manger
Where He, as King, was born,
A broken heart, a cross, a tomb,
A crown with many a thorn.
Now death just couldn’t overpower
For Jesus rose again,
God had power over death,
Jesus’ blood had washed sin’s stain.
When we think of all the love,
The pity, tears and pain,
Our hearts should love the Saviour more,
And never once complain.
Again the wickedness is great,
Although sin has been forgiven,
But God still has to punish it,
And keep sin out of heaven.
So if we accept the Saviour
And all our sins are forgiven,
We know that we are bound for
A glorious time in heaven.
But there are also people
Who won’t accept the Saviour,
We know that they are bound for
A place of tears and danger.
Jesus gave us a lot of love,
Kindness. mercy and care,
And last of all, a wonderful life
In the heaven He’s gone to prepare.
Don’t run after worldly pleasures,
They’ll come to an end one day,
For when Jesus comes to take us home,
Everything sinful will stay.
So friend, if you have read this,
And want to go to heaven,
Make sure that Christ’s your Saviour,
And know your sins are forgiven.

Reproduced with permission

The Meeting of Minds

Emaciated Jewish Women at Auschwitz

Today Israel suffers from many terrorist attacks which do not in any way differ from the holocaust of Auschwitz.
Port Elizabeth Evangelical Christians support Israel.

Jewish Prayer Shawls Forcefully Removed from Jews

Port Elizabethan Evangelical Christians support Israel

Schindler's List DVD

The True story of the Jewish people and life during the Holocaust. Schindler was a man who saved many Jews during this period and the movie leaves a positive message about what one man can do. Don't let Israel become the victim of another holocaust in the 21st century.

Port Elizabethans Evangelical Christians support Israel.

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Children a Gift from the LORD Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Downloaded from website

Bible Teaching #1
From the beginning
"Train up a CHILD in the way he should go and he will not depart from it"

British Heritage City Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

St George's Park Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

HM Queen Victoria Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Remember Poppy Day Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

HM Queen Elizabeth Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth