Sunday, March 6, 2011

My GOD of Miracles Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Often when I kneel to pray, my heart is full of doubt,
Does God really hear my prayers and can He sort them out?
My life seems such a muddle, there are times I quite despair
that God grew tired of listening and is now no longer there.

God is so Almighty, and so holy is His Name
I feel quite small and useless, with such a humble frame,
There are many people that He made, who He must hear
Has He time for this weak child, who falters much, I fear?

Can God really meet my needs, is He truly near?
So often I have knelt in tears and it seemed He didn’t care,
I’ve pleaded much for mercy from my Saviour up above,
that He would send me someone whom I could really love.

This seems to be my only need, growing greater every day,
And every passing moment, the more desperately I pray,
For though I’ve met that Person now who means so much to me,
It all seems rather hopeless as it’s me he doesn’t see.


In days gone by when people prayed and humbly sought God’s face
He always stooped to listen in His never-ending grace,
No problem seemed impossible – He overcame each one
And many are the wonders that this great big God has done.

Why should I be doubtful then – my problems aren’t too great
Perhaps in human eyes they are, and lonely seems my fate,
God’s Word has many promises – He gave me one to claim*
So I’ll trust this God of Miracles Who’ll always be the same.!

*Proverbs 10:24 – “The Desire of the Righteous Shall be Granted”
(30 April 1981)

Transcribed by permission

Historical British Architecture Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

History of the Trinity Congregation Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

History :

The Trinity congregation was founded in 1854 when a group of parishioners who, according to the Declaration of 1859, "voluntarily retired from St Mary's Church ... because of the introduction of novelties and the propagation of doctrines which seemed to us inconsistent with the plain truth of the Gospel, as contained in the Holy Scriptures and held by our venerated Church." The original church was built at the bottom of Military Road. However, with the need for ministry to the growing population on the Hill, the Bishop recommended that the congregation should rather move there. This church was opened for worship on 1 April 1866. There was seating for 160 people and in 1867 this was increased to 380. The hall was built in 1882, and in 1884 the Nave was extended so the church could seat 483 people. On 1 April 1897 a deranged woman set fire to the Church. The inside of the building and the roof were destroyed but all the walls as well as the tower remained intact. Services continued, being held in the school room and the hall of the Grey Institute. Less that six months after the fire the foundation stone of the re-built and larger Church was laid. Holy Trinity was only constituted as a parish in 1930 and over the years has had many ups and downs. Looking to the future, the Mission Statement is "Making friends, Becoming disciples, Serving Jesus."