Sunday, May 2, 2010

Operation World Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Please Pray for South Africa, especially Christian Minorities who have become the focal point of an avalanche of black on white crimes including political slander. Remember also the 10/40 window where many unreached people live, as it is from this area where mankind and the Church faces its biggest challenge. Remember to pray also for Europe, now a mission field, which needs to be reached with the Gospel.

Love in Christ

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blacks Attack and Fatally Injure 1Year old White Baby Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Blacks ATTACKED and FATALLY INJURED a one year old baby in its home in Robinhills Randburg. The injuries were so severe the baby had blood coming from its nose and ears perhaps indicating brain damage.

It is my belief that blacks continue to attack whites with a European ancestry, and to sow terror, for political reasons . I suggest if there are a group of concerned Christian Minorities out there with business connections, that you quickly establish three genocide museums in Amsterdam, London and new York. Place these Museums near the United Nations or World Bank or Outside tourist offices etc. Use your imagination.Like the Jewish holocaust Museums in Jerusalem they will quickly gather an educated audience. This is the least you can do to show respect to the raped and the murdered victims. More to follow.....

The latest information on the baby is that it is blind having suffered brain damage. Remember you don't always need a flat line for an attack to be fatal!

The latest information about the baby (August 2010)is that she has regained partial sight again which can only be ascribed to a miracle from GOD. This does not detract in any way the genocide we are confronted with at the hands of the black community in South Africa.

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British Citizen and Property Tycoon Chris Drummond (61) Murdered Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Picture downloaded from The Property Magazine

A British Property Tycoon and charity provider was MURDERED which South African Police Services put it down to suicide. A reported independant professional investigation revealed however, he had been murdered. In my view so much for SAPS. Is this a coverup by SAPS? That is the question I would ask? More info to follow

See for the full story.

Blacks Attack Canadian Citizen and Tourist Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Blacks have ATTACKED and SERIOUSLY INJURED a Canadian Tourist in South Africa. His blood splattered body is seen in the photo being ferried to hospital for emergency treatment.
More info to follow. If your considering coming to South Africa, my advice would be, watch your back!

See and read the full story

Blacks Rape Dutch Citizen and Tourist Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Blacks have raped an elderly woman visiting South Africa from the Netherlands. She has vowed never to set foot in South Africa again. More info to follow.It is very likely from AIDS stats in this country that she will return home to fight AIDS and then die. If you're a trourist coming to South Africa, if you insist, then watch your back!

Read for the full story.

I Vow To Thee My Country

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Uncle Wilfred WW11 RAF Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Uncle Wilfred Joined the RAF during the second World War and came back to South Africa after the War ended. It takes team effort to win a war as can be seen in the picture of a Spitfire below at one of Britain's airfields. The whole picture evokes pride and one worth adding to the memory of our homeland in the British Isles.

Thank You uncle Wilfred

RAF WW11 Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Early Trams Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Mother's Day Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Main Street 1840 Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Main Street Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Early Church Grahamstown Eastern Cape

Christian Movie

The Wall Summerstrand Algoa Bay port Elizabeth

The PE Dock Cranes Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Summerstrand Rescue Chopper Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Shark Pier Looking South Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Shipwreck 1902 Gale Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

Family Movie