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See this bag of stones?
This bag of stones is way more intelligent that the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma. 

By a long shot.

Mr Zuma was addressing the press on 11 August, when he said that Apartheid is to blame for the weak economic growth in South Africa, calling it “colonialism of a special type”:
“Other countries in Africa never had a racially based economy…We are trying to address the legacy of apartheid, and it’s going to be with us a long time,” said Zuma.
“At the same time it (South Africa) must be competing with countries that never had such a challenge.”

This in response to the news that the South African economy has shrunk from 2.2% growth in 2013 down to 1.5% in 2014.

When in strife and when the statistics keep showing you to be a complete out-of-touch moron, then blame others to distract and baffle - and what better blame-card to play than 'it's Apartheid's Fault'. 

Reporters lap that shite up. 

Soon "Apartheid's Fault" will make it into the Guinness World Book of Records as 'the only excuse the ANC uses as to why South Africa is farked up beyond recognition'.

Let's clear up some things for Mr Zuma.

Apartheid was officially abandoned in 1994, when the patron saint of dead terrorists, the murdering Dead Terrorist himself, Nelson Mandela, was elected as President. In he strolled, handed a first-class functioning country on a gold-lined platinum tray. And in streamed billions in foreign investment money. 

But, that investment money didn't last long. As quickly as the money flowed in, out it went to line the pockets of the ANC elite and their Black business buddies - with little reward for the investors - hence why the money has since dried up. Apparently, investors prefer stable, productive countries to do deals with.

And it's also the reason why the Black voters have experienced a huge drop in their living standards compared to life under Apartheid. Say what you want, but at least the White governments used the mineral wealth to build and develop the country, and not enrich themselves. They had morals and a conscience back then. Until F-Wit de Klerk......

And to further ensure Whites wouldn't benefit as the money flowed in, the Dead Terrorist brought in Affirmative Action laws against Whites, as well as Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) laws to promote Black elites onto the boards of White-owned companies for them to qualify for government business. These racist laws, by the non-racist ANC (cough-BS-cough), were brought in under the guise of 'redressing past racial imbalances'. Blackmail at its finest. 

Fun fact: South Africa is the only country on earth which has Affirmative Action laws in place to repress a minority population. That is how scared the ANC is of competence.

But, never fear my dear Black man. The White population has halved from nearly 8 million 20-odd years ago, to under 4 million today, while the Black population has doubled from 18 million in 1987 to over 40 million today. The Coloured (mixed-race) population now outnumbers the Whites. Just give it a few more decades and the SA Whites will be as rare as a Black person without a race-card. When the Whites are finally out-lasted, out-killed, and out-bred, you will reach your Black utopia. Just remember - no running to White-run countries then. You get to stay in SA and live your dream under your Black leaders.

And what have these Black leaders achieved? Since 1994, South Africa has slowly, but surely, gone from a 1st-world nation to a 3rd-world all-but failed banana republic. It's currently, very enthusiastically, circling the toilet bowl. 

From hero to zero over a period of just 21 short years. Imagine the great heights they can achieve in the next 100 years!

It took 9 years and 1400 men to build the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and it takes 10 years to paint the bridge. In 21 years, 2 years less than to build and paint a bridge nearly 100 years ago, the ANC has managed to take South Africa from the biggest economy in Africa to a country with constant electricity black-outs, high unemployment, rampant crime, low education standards, pathetic public health care, a gutted military, slow economic growth, and a crumbling infrastructure. And that's just the good news.

The bad news is that it's not getting any better any time soon. As the White population is decimated, so too are the chances of South Africa ever recovering. 

And then this twit of a thieving, lying, corrupt President has the gall to stand up and blame Apartheid for the chaos his ANC party created, executed, and oversaw.

Pull the other one, you Joker. 

But, he is right on one thing (!) - other African countries never had the same challenges as the ANC - dealing with the legacy of Apartheid. And that's why other African countries didn't have the best economy on the African continent. That's why their people were trying to get into South Africa, and why hardly any Blacks in South Africa were trying to 'escape'. Apartheid helped to create an economic paradise on the African continent - against all odds. It helped to keep Black Africans OUT of government, so that the country had a chance to survive. Apartheid helped to keep people safe, and warring tribes separate. It helped to curb crime and keep the violent African DNA in check. 

Was it a perfect system? No. But then, which political system is perfect? Show me a country of Whites having to deal with 10 warring Black African tribes in the 1940's (post 2 Boer and 2 World wars), and I'll show you another Apartheid South Africa. 

It would have been easy to sit in the 1980's - the height of the anti-Apartheid movement - and judge what happened 2 generations previously without having to understand the mood or intent at the time. People tend to forget history due to boredom and judgement. 

The truth is that the White tax payer paid the price to live separate from Blacks, who were and still are, culturally incompatible with Whites. Whites under Apartheid paid their more-than-fair share of taxes to keep the Blacks at the highest standard of living in all of Africa. And boy were the Blacks ungrateful. They didn't realise how good they had it, because the international media kept telling them how oppressed they had to feel.

It was a case of Blacks biting the hand that feeds them. And a case of misguided compassion by God-fearing Whites. While White's were carefully planning the number of children they could afford on their remaining pay-cheques, the
 Black population exploded. While they bred like rabbits with no care as to who fed and clothed their off-spring, the Whites were working hard to support the Black homelands.

And then along came F-Wit de Klerk and 1994.

Contrary to popular Xhosa and Zulu myths, the White man arrived in 1652 to nothing. There were no roads, no schools, no libraries, no buildings, no nothing. There was no economy. There were a few Black clucking tribes, who were busy raping, pillaging and attacking other Black tribes. From nothing, the White settlers created a South Africa, a country including 10 different Black tribes and looking after them.

The money paid by White tax payers built a country that Black communists and supremacists coveted and wanted at all costs. 

That was the Apartheid legacy. A fully functioning country. A country that didn't exist under Black tribes 363 years ago. A successful country. A pioneering country. An industrious country. A leading country. A beacon on the African continent. That was the Apartheid legacy - inherited and trashed by the ANC.

A country many others wanted destroyed. And what better way to destroy, than to hand it to the African Black. Game, set and match.

And the ANC got their prize for next to no effort. All those 363 years wasted, trying to build a civilised country at the tip of Africa. 

Apartheid was a visionary policy, as more and more countries are realising. It's a case of too little, too late. It's amazing how the previously morally-superior safe European people, who once looked down their noses at Apartheid South Africa, are now realising that we were right after all, as more and more IQ67's and backward Muslims invade their countries, via boats to Italy. Gone is the notorious European compassion and fawning over the dear, harshly-treated Africans of a few years back, to an attitude of: 'fark off, go back to where you came from, we don't need you nor do we like you. You are destroying our countries'. 

How does the joke go? What's the difference between a South African tourist and a racist? About a week. 

That joke should now apply to Europe. But, that's a different discussion for another day. 

So, Mr Zuma, all I have to say to you is that the gum stuck to the sole of my shoe would be a better President than you are, of the once great country called South Africa.  You go right ahead and keep blaming Apartheid for your failures, because the more you blame Apartheid, the more people are forced to think about and concede, that Apartheid wasn't such a bad policy after all. In fact, I would bet that it will be very well-considered in the future as the realities of multi-culturalism sets in around the globe.

And I also think It's the right time to re-name the country. South Africa doesn't exist any longer.
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