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Don't Let me Miss the Glory

Townsend 1820 Settlers Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

The Immigration Ship


Bound for: Table Bay
Departed UK: 25 Apr 1864
Date of arrival South Africa: 14 Jul 1864

No deaths on board
No births on board

Esme’ Bull – Ships Log 

Great Great Grand parents

Thomas Townsend     of Lapith Birmingham England b ABT. 1822
Married Mary Bushell

Thomas Townsend, "England Marriages, 1538–1973 "
Thomas Townsend
Birth Date:
Spouse's Name:
Spouse's Birth Date:
Spouse's Birthplace:
Spouse's Age:
Event Date:
10 Apr 1817
Event Place:
Clifton Upon Dunsmore,Warwick,England
Father's Name:
Mother's Name:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number:
System Origin:
GS Film number:
0548387, 0576942
Reference ID:

Could this be your great great grand parents? Possible if they had more than one child. If this is the family then they had six to seven children. This is the closest I could come to the dates. It also means that Mary was born ABT. 1797 and Thomas ABT, 1794. They would have moved from Warwickshire to Birmingham not too far away. This is the same area where Dr Slater was recruiting immigrants to South Africa for the British government.

Great Grandparents

Thomas Townsend   Born Lapith Birmingham England  b 1837

Married? Anne Maria Brooks

Thomas boarded the barque “Relief” 12 July 1864 for Algoa Bay. He had with him two Bushell children bound John Bushell in Queenstown  In the Eastern Cape. These two children may have been the nephews and nieces of Mary Townsend from a failed marriage, but this is speculation. However they were related. The sole purpose of Thomas coming to South Africa may have been to deliver the children to their father John Bushell, brother of Mary Bushell?

The ship log does not say whether Thomas Townsend brought a wife with him, but he appears to have married a widow “Annie” Davy at a later date. She is said to have hailed from Plymouth in England. She died on the 26 November 1896 in the Kimberly Hospital. Thomas was a miner (see death certificate) so this fits in with the general picture of his life.  Thomas died eight years later in 1904, in Queenstown. Thomas probably retired there after moving around the country where he died in John Bushell’s residence at the age of seventy years.

We also know he stayed in Port Elizabeth but do not know for how long but was the town where his son Thomas Townsend was born in 1884. Anne Brooks’  religious affiliation is suggested by other genealogists to be Roman Catholic, born out too by the fact that her middle name was Maria.

“I think we could assumed Annie was Catholic as evidenced by it being carried on down the family line. Not sure about Thomas TOWNSEND…”

However Thomas Townsend was buried in the Wesleyan cemetery in Queenstown but his son Frederick was affiliated to the Methodist Church in East London. Affiliations are not something to get hung up about because many families changed churches when the one they belonged to was not available in the area they lived, or for other personal reasons.

Thomas of Birmingham is listed as unmarried which in all likelihood means he never married but if he was married and his wife died in 1896 as indicated it may mean died unmarried as his wife had passed away. “Annie”, which we presume is Anne Maria Brooks  of Port Elizabeth was born in 1858 in  Plymouth and must have come to South Africa with her parents. Personally I think she was born in South Africa but her parents may have come from the UK. She was married in 1883 age 25, and Thomas Townsend was 46 years of age, a difference of 21 years.

Birthplace of Deceased: Plymouth, England
Age: 38 years
Occupation: Housewife
Married or other: Married
Date of Decease: 26/11/1896
Place of Death: Kimberley Hospital
Children: Left blank
Other info: Left blank

It  must also be remembered that “married” can have many different connotations. Personally I think that even though it looks as if he was in a covenant the facts are speaking quite differently.

Genealogists, in the case of Thomas Townsend, have assumed him to have died at the age of forty. This is because they have assumed him to be plus minus two years older than his wife, whose date of birth they know. This is common amongst genealogists, to calculate a husbands age anything between 1-5 years  older than the wife in the absence of documents, but in this case the error was wide. 

I assume that Annie stayed in Kimberly as she would most probably had children living there from her first marriage to Mr. Davy, which is why she dies there. Thomas Townsend dies in Queenstown where his family, the Bushell’s lived. 

> This is installment #13 of the continuation of Port Elizabeth Methodist
> Records. Dates follow American convention of MMDDYY. Some of the
> handwriting was very difficult to decipher, so entries with a ? denote my
> best guess.

> > Microfilm# 1560873
> > Methodist Parish Records
> > Port Elizabeth Christenings: 1883-1906
> > Item 7
> > Entry #36
> > Child: Frederick William TOWNSEND
> > Parents: Thomas and Anne Maria Brook
> > Born: 5/31/1884
> > Baptized: 6/3/1884
From the above we can clearly see Thomas was a Methodist but his wife was Catholic as her second name suggests. The areas that he was familiar with in his life appears to be Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown, Queenstown, Kimberly.


Christian Language Concepts Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

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The Left censors Christian language and concepts that defined a great culture
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"To paraphrase the twentieth-century novelist, George Orwell: words are a conduit to thought; destroy the word and the idea dies with it.

If we no longer use Biblical language, we are ensuring that Christian concepts will disappear.

For example, the key word “salvation” is now rarely used. The end goal of human existence is to attain salvation rather than happiness. Hence, in order to dismantle liberal arguments predicated on the happiness of the individual, it is useful to recall that individuals may or may not be happy at any given time; happiness is a fleeting emotion.

Instead, Christians have understood that life is often fraught with suffering, which must be borne gracefully in order to attain salvation. When we stop using the word “salvation,” we are enslaved to ideas that disregard the afterlife.

The word “pervert” has also often been lampooned as judgmental. And, in fact, it is because when we use it we are affirming that there is a natural moral order and the human body is part of that order. Hence, acts that defile the body are properly understood as a perversion of the natural order. When we use this word we affirm both the harmonious nature of the universe, designed by a loving Creator, and the absolute moral laws that He entrusted his creatures to uphold. Indeed, some sexual acts are perverted; and that is, whether they are done alone, by same-sex conjugation and even by men and women on one another.

Liberals have also deliberately sought to bury the word “judgment.” This is essential in order to promote the philosophy of moral relativism. Yet, the Bible teaches us that in order to obtain salvation we need to abide by absolute moral laws, which can be discerned by making judgments. This is necessary in order to combat the notion that individuals are free to make a moral code at their discretion. Christians need simply to recall that to judge is not the same as to stone or inflict any other physical punishment, as was the custom in ancient times. The oft-cited Biblical invocation “not to judge” refers to leaving the ultimate assessment of each soul up to God. This is too often misinterpreted as meaning that there should be moral relativism.

Other key words that must be used with confidence are “God,” and “His son, Jesus.” From an affirmation of God comes the notion that each individual is created in His image, rendering all life sacred. Furthermore, the divine image means there is a powerful conscience in each person that is a guide to the divine will. Finally, by loudly affirming the resurrection of our Savior, we also state there is a singular path forward toward redemption.

It is important to return to the use of words like “good” and “evil.” For decades, we have been told that this is simplistic; it is better to consider how “complicated” so many issues are and how “grey” are the moral questions individuals confront. But this is not Christianity: we are told in the Bible that there is a stark difference between good and evil. Let us not be ashamed to return to this more muscular use of our language.

Also, the Bible tells us to aim toward perfection — moral perfection akin to the holiness of the Lord. This aspiration is beautiful and glorious — and calls forth noble ideals, even though they cannot always be met. Nowadays, we are told to wallow in imperfection as though moral perfection is impossible.

Yet, Christianity tells us the opposite: aspire to be pure and perfect. We may fail along the way, but the aspiration is an affirmation of the perfection of God Himself in whose image we are created.
And the opposite too, is now buried. Words such as “evil,” “sin” and “damnation” are considered primitive, simplistic and old-fashioned. Yet, these concepts are central to Christian thought.

The fear of evil and its consequences in the afterlife has been abolished in order to make way for the permissive society. The only way to combat the rampant hedonism and moral equivalency of our time is to confidently use the words that have been used for centuries. When the love of virtue does not work, the fear of evil and damnation can be effective to compel righteous behavior.

Finally, the “Devil,” “Satan” or even “the demonic” is rarely invoked in order to avoid appearing superstitious, archaic or a simpleton. Liberals have succeeded in branding the language of faith as that of the uneducated. Instead, Christianity is the highest form of thought and the greatest moral creed ever created. It is primitive and simplistic to be ashamed of it.

Christians have been cowered long enough. We are often cajoled into using the utilitarian, secular language that belies a materialistic view of the world. The focus of our discussions is rarely on “the soul,” which conveys a transcendent view of the world.

We cannot win the culture war if we concede first principles in our language. It is therefore high time to use the powerful Biblical words we have been given to smash the liberal creed that is destroying the central ethical code of Western civilization.

In other words, liberalism is the handmaiden of the Devil. Resist and smash this demonic ideology with the wellspring of truth, beauty and goodness that emanates from Biblical language and godly concepts.

Grace Vuoto is the Editor of Politics and Culture at World Tribune. The founder of the Edmund Burke Institute for American Renewal, she is the host of American Heartland with Dr. Grace on WTSB Radio Saturdays at 3:00. See show and archives at: the Grace Vuoto channel at WorldTribuneTV"

My Simple and Difficult Life Principles Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

My Simple yet Difficult to Live Life Principles

·       I will love the lord my GOD with all my Heart, Mind and Soul
·      I will follow the 10 Commandments and be quick to repent when I fall
·       I will only Worship one true GOD YHWH, which excludes all other religious belief systems
·       I will show people of other beliefs the love of JESUS Christ – I will feed them, clothe them, fight for them in their weakness,  and pray for them
·       I recognise the power of GOD in my life and that only he can Save me
·       I am thankful and grateful for the wife GOD has given me
·       I am thankful and grateful for the son GOD has given me
·       I am thankful and grateful for the friends GOD has given me along the way
·       I am a Christian by the power of JESUS
·       I confess I have not lived up to JESUS’ Holy name - I want to say “as Christ so me”
·       I will TRUST in JESUS even in my fallen state
·       I ask Christ to deliver me from the slander of my mouth and unclean lips
·       I will not sit in the seat of scoffers
·       I will help the weak and the poor according to my Faith
·       I offer up my spirit to JESUS
·       I have sorrow because I never lived  up to the name of JESUS,  but I ask JESUS still to love me
·       I will resist evil and do good
·       I will never surrender to evil doers but with my life
·       I will never, never give up
·       I will not give my enemies any space
·       I am not alone
·       I am victorious my enemies are loosing
·       I will be good to the weak and the needy
·       I rend my heart over my sin
·       I know how I should be according to the fruits of the SPIRIT
·       I am far from achieving the fruits of the SPIRIT  - I repent in JESUS name
·       I grieve over the loss of my church and my life in it -  BUT GOD holds me in his hand
·       I grieve over the loss of my family - BUT GOD is closer than a friend
·       Be compassionate to all sinners, especially those who repent as I am also just a sinner saved by grace
·       GOD will Judge me
·       I will not scarify my body with anything
·       I will not be a substance abuser
·       I will use my hands for good
·       Forgive your enemies because then GOD can forgive you
·       I am thankful for my family
·       Do not fear death but the ONE who has the power over life and death
·       Love is the greatest gift

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Pray for the Downfall of the ANC in South Africa

New York New York”

New York is the Central Business District for the entire globe and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Billions of Dollars pass through this city every year and is the pride of America’s people. It is also the epicentre of the world’s cultural mix and expresses dynamic social views unlike anywhere on the planet. If you want to meet America and the world this is the place to be.

My great great grandfather met his sister here before heading on to London. One could liken this city’s social interaction to an invisible spiders web connecting many nations capitals, businesses, and social life. If you wish to influence governments, writers, artists, filmmakers, just about anyone, make New York the centre of your efforts.

Lately local South Africans have centred their attention on influencing ANC cronies in South Africa by staging ‘Red October’ marches across the country to stop the on-going GENOCIDE targeting Christian Minorities (see ). The issue really is that no matter how well planned and executed, the outcry has fallen on deaf ears.

Is that surprising considering the ANC is completely Sovietized in line with their Russian Masters who have no quarrel applying Syrian styled morality here in South Africa irrespective of the human cost. The organisers of the ‘Red October’ event should keep this in mind whenever future events are planned.

The plan now is to take the cause beyond South Africa’s borders and stage events within the business district of New York that the ANC would find difficult to hijack or ignore. If the ANC don’t care, know this that we don’t either, but we’re going to have our say one way or the other, and there will be others too!

The idea is to find an art gallery or business who would be willing to hold a photographic event for one week, preferably a sponsored event in a building close to areas of influence. We could also have ‘Art in the Park’, or a human chain with Tee-shirts which have pictures of lost loved ones, of the South African Genocide.

Pray for the Event