Friday, June 13, 2014

A GIFT from my wife to me Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth


Shadows cannot harm us, though quite frightening they may seem,

They have no power or substance; neither has a scary dream;

God’s Word so clearly tells us that death’s valley we’ll walk through*

is also just a shadow,  and that He will be there too.

To fear is not an option – fear’s a shadow and not real;

God’s power within us has prevailed against the gates of hell;

So trust His many promises, for faithful He will be,

Those evil, lurking shadows will all simply have to flee.

And one day we will see Him, in His glory, face to face,

Filled with awe and wonder at the warmth of His embrace;

Earth’s sad and painful memories will like shadows disappear

in the Sunshine of His Presence, and He’ll be forever near

Reproduced by kind permission 
Copyright SJA