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1820 Settlers Association of South Africa - Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

1820 Settlers Association of South Africa

The 1820 Settlers' Association is a living memorial which perpetuates the memory of the 1820 British Settlers and is registered in South Africa as a non-profit organisation. The Association sponsors William Jervois at the Albany Museum as their resident genealogist and representative in Grahamstown. They also have a representative in George, who looks after the Outeniqua area, and a branch in Durban, Natal. Currently there are over 1200 members, including a few overseas members, who have paid an entrance or joining fee and then an annual subscription. The Association publishes a bi-monthly newsletter with matters of interest for our members - fund-raising events - and social functions. One does not have to be a descendant of the 1820 Settlers to qualify for membership, but of course quite a few members are! The Port Elizabeth Branch publishes a calendar each year featuring water colour paintings by their Art Group. They also have 1820 Settlers Christmas cards with Christmas greetings from Port Elizabeth which can be ordered from the regional offices. If you are a descendant of an 1820 Settler, you have an opportunity to own a unique certificate!! Submit your ancestry details to William Jervois for him to research and verify.

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041 581 4031
Eastern Cape
Port Elizabeth
Richmond Hill

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