Monday, January 4, 2016

9 Hawthorne Ave Framesby Port Elizabeth

The "Mystery of 9 Hawthorne Ave

Does anyone know what this installation is? If you do please let me know.

On closer inspection this complex seems to be built in such a way as to prevent inspection by the public. For instance the complex is unmarked in that it has no branding displayed of any sort which would indicate the kind of work that is carried out there. Car parks are orientated in such a way as to generally prevent number plates being read by outsiders and even prevents anyone observing the makes of vehicles that are parked  there. The building is heavily monitored every few meters by security cameras, and windows are permanently shuttered as if purposely engineered to prevent even general  information to be gleaned as to what goes on at the site. The building is exceptionally well maintained and has parking for approximately 35 - 40 vehicles. The installation is equipped with microwave antennas but at such a height so as not to be conspicious. Entry through the security gates appears to be via security card, normal for non public access.