Friday, November 8, 2013

Pray for the Downfall of the ANC in South Africa

New York New York”

New York is the Central Business District for the entire globe and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Billions of Dollars pass through this city every year and is the pride of America’s people. It is also the epicentre of the world’s cultural mix and expresses dynamic social views unlike anywhere on the planet. If you want to meet America and the world this is the place to be.

My great great grandfather met his sister here before heading on to London. One could liken this city’s social interaction to an invisible spiders web connecting many nations capitals, businesses, and social life. If you wish to influence governments, writers, artists, filmmakers, just about anyone, make New York the centre of your efforts.

Lately local South Africans have centred their attention on influencing ANC cronies in South Africa by staging ‘Red October’ marches across the country to stop the on-going GENOCIDE targeting Christian Minorities (see ). The issue really is that no matter how well planned and executed, the outcry has fallen on deaf ears.

Is that surprising considering the ANC is completely Sovietized in line with their Russian Masters who have no quarrel applying Syrian styled morality here in South Africa irrespective of the human cost. The organisers of the ‘Red October’ event should keep this in mind whenever future events are planned.

The plan now is to take the cause beyond South Africa’s borders and stage events within the business district of New York that the ANC would find difficult to hijack or ignore. If the ANC don’t care, know this that we don’t either, but we’re going to have our say one way or the other, and there will be others too!

The idea is to find an art gallery or business who would be willing to hold a photographic event for one week, preferably a sponsored event in a building close to areas of influence. We could also have ‘Art in the Park’, or a human chain with Tee-shirts which have pictures of lost loved ones, of the South African Genocide.

Pray for the Event