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Stealing Eskom into Bankruptcy Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth

By Mike Smith

13th of January 2015

It is official. Eskom is broke
. They will run out of money by the end of January and on the brink of a national blackout.

“The only options appear to be a government bailout – in the form of a cash injection – or further guarantees, or severe load shedding.”

Don’t you just love how they use the term “government bailout” as if government will come to our rescue. It is a “TAXPAYER BAILOUT”. In other words the taxpayers who have already paid for their electricity will now have to pay even more just to rescue Eskom, not “Government”.

Government owns Eskom. It is the only shareholder. Government (or rather a lack thereof) is the reason Eskom is in the state it is in. They are not the rescuers. They are the cause of the problem.

They want to give Eskom a cash injection of R20-billion (raised through the sale of Eskom’s assets apparently) and existing government guarantees that would allow the utility to borrow R250-billion over the next five years. How in God’s name can you borrow yourself out of debt? The mind boggles.

“Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona on Monday told stakeholders that one unexpected event at any of its power stations could push the country to the total failure of the national electricity system that may take weeks to resolve.Eskom previously said it might take two weeks to restart the electricity system, should a national black-out occur.”

"Matona told the delegates that the diesel budget was depleted and Eskom was hoping for money from government “but they are not collecting [from] their municipal debtors,”

“Henk van de Graaf, assistant executive manager of agricultural body TLU SA said: “We are concerned, because [for] farmers who rely on irrigation for growing cash crops, especially vegetables … the whole cold chain is dependent on electricity and if it cannot be preserved, the consumer will be affected.”

“Van de Graaf also questioned why farmers who do not pay their full Eskom account are being disconnected, but there are no consequences for municipalities that fail to pay.” 

So you see? Again Whitey gets punished for blacks stealing electricity in the townships. No electricity means no water and no food. But the stealing continues and whitey keeps on paying. Good old whitey doesn’t want to create a fuzz lest he be accused of “racism” for saying the ANC is useless, because as we have heard from our illustrious president, “It is all Apartheid’s fault”.

One of my readers sent me this info:

Eskom diesel situation. 

SA total diesel consumption for 2009 were 9.1 billion litres.

That implies a rate of approx. 1 million litres per hour on average.

Consumption for Escom is 425,000l/h at Ankerlig and 236,000l/h

At Gourikwa resulting at a total of 661,000l/h.

During 2014 these units were operating at 17h/week resulting

In an over expenditure of R10bn.

It is likely that these generators will now run much more hours per week.

The consequences on the diesel availability for the rest of SA could be serious.

IE the consumption could rise from say 5% to perhaps more than 50% of total.

Zuma’s Trillion Rand Project. 

One trillion is 10exp12 on the short scale.

If you assume the mass of a R200 note is one gram .

(I have measured a lot on the wife’s small kitchen scale and one gram is close),then:

One million Rand in R200 notes will have a mass of 50kg,and

One trillion Rand in R200 notes will have a mass of 5,000 Ton

Assume the earth has a circumference of 40,000km and

The length of a R200 note is 152mm,then:

One trillion Rand will take you around the earth 19 times

When placed in a single row.


Puts it a bit into perspective, right?

Now let me show you how that electricity gets stolen. It is a free for all in the townships. These guys just knocks a hole in the side of the wall and plug into the local substation wherever they want. Eskom and Government are turning a blind eye.

These pictures are from the PE Herald in Port Elizabeth. Now when whitey wants electricity in his house, he must get it done and signed off by a qualified electrician with a wireman’s license at great cost. Such are the double standards in SA. There is no ONE LAW for everyone.

I mean how simple can it be to catch these perpetrators? You just follow the cable to his house or shack. Why is it not being done?

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