Sunday, January 18, 2015

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The above headline is from the New York Times, in response to the Islamic terrorist attack in Paris yesterday, where 12 people where shot to death, including two policemen guarding the building.

The police were at the scene to protect the staff of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper due to
 Islamic lone wolf threats from certain members of the community, who certainly don't have a sense of humour and take life entirely too seriously - as their religion demands. The newspaper had the audacity to print cartoons about Mo over the years, and the followers of this tolerant peaceful religion didn't seem to appreciate it.

Me? I would have looked, turned the page and moved on. Other small-minded twits can't seem to do the same.

Charlie Hedbo didn't only attack Islam, but also Jews and especially Christians. And yet amazingly the two latter religions never once decided to pick up Kalishnikovs and mow down cartoonists and police. 

And on cue, all the Lefty hand-wringers and champions of the underdogs of Islam all came out running, tripping over themselves to get to the nearest microphone, telling anyone who still bothers to listen to them that the attack had nothing to do with Islam. 

And guess who was mowed down? The very same Liberals who tend to protect Muslims around the globe. Most of those working at Charlie Hedbo are Lefty Liberal Progressives, and Karma paid some of them a visit.

Islam - these mental midgets keep telling us - is a religion of peace and tolerance, and not the barbarity we're seeing in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya, Libya.......No, they're not sure what that's all about - something about "extremists" who don't represent Islam.....

Apparently there are two versions of the Koran in circulation, even if they're one book. One version is read by moderate" Muslims, where all that love, peace, tolerance and civility we're told about is documented and preached; and then there's another more extreme version of the Koran, which the barbaric 7th century throwbacks are following, which tells them that their god loves it when they go around chopping off heads and other various body parts, randomly shooting people dead, torturing innocent babies and children, hacking anyone not able to recite the Koran, enslaving/raping women/girls. You know, just your average 'ruling with fear and totalitarianism' that
 Muslims lone wolves have been practising since their Mo decided to make up the cult of death.

Back in our Western countries, we're lectured and told continuously about how Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, and that all the various acts of savagery doesn't represent this religion. And yet they still don't get the disconnect - that actions speak far louder than their PC words - and we can see the actions daily.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much...

I'm not sure how much more abundantly clearer these "extremist" Muslims need to make it - that they do indeed represent Islam and that they are at war with anyone not praying 5 times a day with their bums in the air, and their women covered from head-to-toe with black sacks. And over and over our stupid nincompoop enablers keep telling them that they really don't know what they're talking about, nor do they represent the religion they follow, because these nincompoops know better than them what Islam is all about. 

Killing, maiming, raping, enslaving has nothing to do with Islam..... except everything.

Take dhimmi German Chancellor Angela Merckel for example. In response to the growing anti-Islam movement building in Germany through Pegida, she used her New Year's message to bash anyone who refuses to embrace Muslims without question in her country, labelling them as racist xenophobes, saying the Pegida group is “full of prejudice, a chilliness, even hatred”.

And in response to Pegida's statement after the Paris attacks, a top ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned as "sleaze" the eurosceptic AfD's comments.
"It's sleaze to instrumentalize the attack for political aims," Parliamentary floor leader Volker Kauder told Focus magazine online.
On any other given day Mr Kauder has no problem with our Dear Leaders attacking for political aims, but don't you try it - then you get lectured that you're a "sleaze".

See how this works? 

Our Dear Leaders squash any dissent immediately - they have to - lest more and more people wake up and realise there are thousands feeling exactly as they do. Pegida started out as a small movement and has steadily grown as more people become less scared of their government. Germans are tired of their own government importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims from backward savage countries, who sit on their backsides lapping up welfare and breeding the next Germistan population. For that "intolerance" Germans are branded as the worst kind of rubbish on Earth.

And it's the same recipe around the globe. The beast that is Multi-culturalism must be fed, clothed and kept alive at all costs, even though it's killing the local populations. Globalism is on the agenda and the dream must go on. The planners can't change their plans now that the Muslims are spoiling the party.

So, it's heads down, buried firmly in the sand, because what isn't seen doesn't exist - apparently. The blinkers are firmly in place on the faces of our Dear Leaders, lest anyone break ranks and spoils the plan. Best foot forward, chin up and into the headwinds we go, waiting for the balance to shift to where our Muslim invaders start running our countries, our lives and our future. Little by little they attack us in our own homelands, getting bolder and bolder with every attack until one day we are broken and afraid of our own shadows.

But, hey, at least we didn't offend anyone!

New York article