Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Death of St George's Park and Port Elizabeth

Vagrants move into historic cemetery

While the area immediately in front of the Park Drive cemetery – which contains the graves of some 1820 settlers and their descendents – has long attracted vagrants, a new group of “settlers” has now created a small shelter out of what appears to be a walled grave.

A visit to the cemetery this week showed a graveyard in a bad state of disrepair, with overgrown, uncared for graves, broken headstones and litter strewn around the site.

Despite locked gates and security fencing on one side of the site, the cemetery is easily accessed over a low boundary wall on another.

Vagrants have constructed their shelter in the walled grave structure between two other graves. There is bedding inside and a washing line has been erected outside.

- Shaun Gillham 
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