Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cecil John Rhodes Visits Port Elizabeth

Cecil John Rhodes

My View

It came as no surprise to hear that the ANC has decided that the Rhodes Statue has no place on the University of Cape Town campus. For everyone who is politically astute, it is well known that there is a power struggle for the Western Cape, and the ANC has taken off the gloves. Typically the ANC are seeking a divisive tool by which to create a fault line between Christian minorities and their freshly imported spawn from the Eastern Cape to grow their numbers. There is a simple litmus test which indicates whether the ANC is involved, If it’s anti - white then IT IS the ANC.

This is an often repeated methodology where filthy politicians, you know the kind I am talking about, use their security network to find and create divisive issues within the South African social fabric, black against white. Typically it will be the odd school racial incident magnified and debated to the nth degree, or “Christian bigotry”, or cultural differences”, or “language” issues, or “racist monuments”, or the wrong street names, or city names of racist European cultures, etc. Sometimes this is done to upset the opposition (read enemies), or to extol black culture, or simply to make changes as an exercise of their “power”, yet other times to slander Christian minorities to create dissonance in that community.

 A 1896 picture of Cecil John Rhodes in Port Elizabeth
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There is nothing incredibly deep in African culture.   Just know that it emanates from filthy politicians who declare nothing as sacred, only their own self indulgence.

These issues being foisted on people are totalitarian in nature, meaning that only blacks have a choice in all matters.  This will soon be discovered in the land invasions which are coming by other means, including anything else they can conjure up.

African totalitarianism is both anthropological by nature, and imported from various socialist quarters around the world.

Therefore it is the Rhodes Statue in the Western Cape now, to be followed by the Rhodes Memorial.  This will all be hotly debated on ANC TV channels with lots of planted Jokers in the pack to further their agenda. My suggestion now is for the ANC and their masses of blacks to run along quickly and replace the statue as soon as possible.......with a shower head, or one of the many African War Lords they can choose from. Perhaps they can put a bust of one of the St James Church massacred Christian victims from Cape Town on the Rhodes mantle, or the bust of one of their necklaced victims from one of their “Free the World” campaigns.

Whether Cecil John Rhodes is removed or stays stupid lives on in Africa.